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National Heifer Sale

Selling in Gettysburg on June 24:

JX Highland Prop Joe I Delores {4} (lot 18)
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Bid last to bring her home!

Genomic Evaluations

We are pleased with the genotyping results of several members of the herd. Three cows rank among the top 1.5% for GJPI after the July 2016 genomic evaluations.

Herd Appraisal The herd was appraised in February and we are happy with the results. Three cows were newly scored Excellent including Highland Miles S Sara. The herd now includes 11 Excellent and 174 Very Good cows and has an average appraisal of 81.7%.
We would like to thank the AJCA board of directors for selecting our own John Palmer for the 2012 AJCA Distinguished Service Award. We enjoyed celebrating his receipt of the award with fellow Jersey friends at the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings in New Hampshire. Click here to read more about John and the award.
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