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Thank You . . .

. . . to the Jersey breeders who visited the farm on June 30 in conjunction with the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings. We enjoyed the company and hope you did too!

We had lots of requests for recipes of the refreshments we served and have placed them on our website for you to bake in your home. Click on the links below for these specialties, all featuring dairy products. They taste best with a tall, cold glass of Jersey milk!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies
Watermelon Cookies

Thank you too to Van De Jerseys, PA, for purchasing our National Heifer Sale consignment, Highland Plus V Candy, from our "Candy" family.

Candy Family

We are proud to report that descendents of the "Candy" family at Highland Farms topped both The All American Jersey Sale and the Pot O'Gold Sale in November.

Highland Royal D Candy (left) was the seventh dam of both high sellers. We sold "Candy" in the Maine State Sale in 1990.

Lifetime Production

Congratulations to the four breeders who earned a spot in the top 10 of the 2010 AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production contest with their "Lester" daughters...Timothy and Patricia Everett, NY, with Longview Lester Rose, E-91%; Emily Jane Chittenden, NY, with LF Lester Emmi Lee-ET, E-92%; Barlass Jerseys LLC, WI, with Barlass Lester Godiva, VG-88%; and Coy M. Reese, NC, with CMR Highland Heavenly Hash, E-90%. Longevity was a "Lester" trademark.

World Jersey Cattle Bureau Visit

We were delighted to host a bevy of international guests in early July, when Highland Farms was a stop on the post-conference tour of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau conference.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable time. We certainly did. There's no need for a special occasion to plan a visit, though -- our doors are always open! Maine has a lot to offer and the views from our front porch can't be beat.

Derrick Frigot, WJCB Vice President Europe, thanks Jenn Kimball, Libby Bleakney, Allaire Palmer and Jo Chapman for their hospitality. The red barn is the milking parlor and freestalls and the white barn is the calf facility. Ahh, the lazy days of summer! Pictured are Isle of Jersey delegates, Ricky Leith (left), Frigot (behind column) and James Godrey, WJCB Secretary (second right), along with Peter Ness of Australia and Allaire Palmer.
A picture-perfect postcard of international guests with members of the Pike, Palmer and Bleakney families. The Maine mountains and dreamy sky make for a perfect backdrop.
Cows are always of interest to Jersey breeders. Here the milking string gets a closer look. Allaire Palmer gives pedigree stats on a member of the Highland Farms herd to Bruce Connelly.
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