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Genetics from Highland Farms are carried in Jersey herds across the world, largely through Highland-bred bulls and descendents of the Perty cow family. In the past three decades, the farm has sent more than 50 bulls to A.I.

Included in this group are Highland Magic Duncan and his son, Highland Duncan Lester. These two bulls have sired a combined total of 2,872 registered sons and 28,981 registered daughters to date. These numbers barely scratch the surface of their infuence on the breed, however. "Duncan" and "Lester" sons in A.I. have sired a combined 135,427 registered progeny and sons out of their daughters have sired a combined 144,375 registered progeny.

Highland Magic Duncan
Pedigree | Larger Photo
Influential Sons:
Avon Road Trader-ET
Duncan Duke of Glenwood
Fair Weather Opportunity-P-ET
Highland Duncan Lester
Rebob Duncan Hermitage-ET
WF/L&M Duncan Barber-ET
Influential Daughters:
Duncan Belle
Duncan Eileen of HLF
Duncan Hibrite of Family Hill
Goodnow Midnight Blue-ET
Magic Kava Kay Glover
Silver Stream Duncan Peg

"Duncan" is the bull that put Highland Farms on the map. He is one of just seven bulls to be honored with a special issue of the Jersey Journal, in March 1993. He has sired more than 10,000 daughters to date and 235 sons in A.I.

In April 1981, when "Duncan" was seven months old, Highland Farms sold 75% interest in him to Jerseyland Sires and he headed to Hilmar, Calif. In May 1985, "Duncan" was purchased by Select Sires. Two months later, he entered active A.I. with a Production Type Index (PTI) that was just a point shy of the breed leader. The following genetic evaluation, he topped all other bulls for PTI. "Duncan" led the PTI chart for six genetic evaluations in all.

"Duncan" daughters have been stellar performers in the show ring and led production charts over the years. "Duncan" was named Premier Performance Sire of The All American Jersey Show in 1990, 1991 (tie with Nabdon Master Patrick 7R) and 1993.

Silver Stream Duncan Peg was named National Grand Champion in 2000 and Duncan Eileen of HLF was named Grand Champion of The All American Junior Show in 1994 and 1995. The winner of the 1993 National Jersey Jug Futurity - Gaywinds Duncan Cris-ET - is sired by "Duncan."

Duncan Hibrite of Family Hill won the 2008 Leading Living Lifetime Contest and established new all-time records for all measures with 322,382 lbs. milk, 14,954 lbs. fat and 11,722 lbs. protein in 5,211 days and 12 lactations.

His most-widely known daughter, Duncan Belle, was named winner of the 2000 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest. She was Grand Champion of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 1992 and 1993 and named Reserve National Grand Champion in 1993. Duncan Belle has sent numerous sons to A.I., including Duncan Chief and Rock Ella Paramount-ET.

Highland Magic Duncan
Pedigree | Larger Photo
Influential Sons:
Altheas Les Pitino Al-Top-ET
Lester Sambo
Influential Daughters:
O.F. Lester Ladyslipper
Long Distance Lester Babe-ET
Molly Brook Lester Fantastic

"Lester" is a "Duncan" son out of the "Miss Letty" family.

He was purchased by ABS Global in June 1986 as part of the organization's growing Jersey program and became "Duncan's" first proven son. "Lester" topped the PTI and type lists in January 1991 and remained the breed leader for five consecutive genetic evaluations.

"Lester" produced 300,000 units of semen in his lifetime and was widely used by domestic and international Jersey breeders alike because he combined high milk with outstanding type, especially udders and stature, and was one of the best bulls for improving protein.

"Lester" was named Premier Performance Sire of The All American Jersey Show in 1996, the same year his daughter, O.F. Lester Ladyslipper, was named Premier Performance Cow of the open show and Grand Champion of the junior show.

Like his father, "Lester" was recognized with a special issue of the Jersey Journal (September 1996). To date, he has sired more than 46,000 progeny, including 126 sons in A.I.

Most recently, four "Lester" daughters placed in the 2010 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest: Longview Lester Rose, E-91%; LF Lester Emmi Lee-ET, E-92%; Barlass Lester Godiva, VG-88%; and CMR Highland Heavenly Hash, E-90%.

Promising Young Bulls at Highland Farms

Highland Lester Refugee

An April 2009 "Lester" son out of an Excellent "Yankee" daughter with more than 17,000M and nine completed lactations.

Highland Bold Randolf-ET

An April 2009 "Bold" son out of an Excellent "Lester" with an m.e. of 21,044 - 996 - 789 on three lactations. Grandam is dam of "Refugee."

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