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Welcome to Rural Retreat, Virginia - home of Duchess Dairy Products. We produce whole, reduced fat, chocolate and strawberry milk at our plant in the heart of Rural Retreat. The milk that is used to make our high-quality product travels less than five miles from the farm to the plant. We understand that consumers are more concerned than ever about the origin, quality and safety of their food supply. We know that you want to know where and how milk is produced and where our cows spent the afternoon. In our case, you can drive by the dairy and see the cows on pasture and know that the milk produced by them today will be on the store shelves tomorrow.

Our business venture began in January 2010 by two families with strong Jersey and community backgrounds – the Huffards and the Slemps and Blankenships. Both of our families have a long history in the dairy business and we have been producing a quality product for more than four generations here in Wythe County. It was our love for providing a nutritious healthy product that led us to begin processing and bottling our own milk straight from our dairy herds.

We have always known that our Registered Jerseys produce a superior product, and with the push for sustainable agriculture, we think now is the ideal time to offer our product locally. Our nutritious milk is distinguished with the Queen of Quality® label and we never use artificial growth hormones in the production of Duchess all-natural milk.

Duchess Dairy Products Baby Jersey Calf
Duchess Dairy Products are available in plain,
chocolate and strawberry flavors. Yum!
One of the youngest members of the herd gets some special attention from farm visitors.

The Jersey advantage

Though buying fresh and local product is very important, Duchess Dairy Products have something else as well - the Jersey advantage.

The facts show that Jersey milk tastes better; Jersey milk is more nutritious; and the Jersey cow is friendly to the environment. She has a carbon footprint that is 20% smaller than that of the Holstein (black and white) cow and it takes 32% less water and 11% less land to produce cheese from her milk.

And, our milk has 17% more calcium and is higher in protein

Our products help to build stronger bones and muscles with higher calcium and protein content. These levels come from the superior milk that is produced by Jersey cows. We have run the tests and Duchess products do provide a better nutritional value than our competitors. Click here to see details on our advantage.

Quality in every drop of Duchess milk

We know that you appreciate a fresh, local product that is safe and nutritious and you expect it to taste great too. Your peers have told us they love our milk. Their kids love our milk.

If you haven't seen Duchess Dairy Products in your grocery store, click here to find retailers in your area that carry our products.

Try any one of our delicious flavors of Duchess milk and you'll see why people keep coming back for more Duchess Jersey milk!

We hope you enjoy the Duchess experience!

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