Jersey Cows

Duchess Dairy was established as a joint venture between Huffard Dairy Farms and Sugar Grove Jerseys, to bottle milk from the two Registered Jersey herds. Huffard Dairy Farms is owned by brothers James "Jim" and John Huffard. Sugar Grove Jerseys is owned by Joey Blankenship and his uncle, Danny Slemp.

The partners purchased the dairy processing plant that was later renamed Duchess Dairy (after Jim and John's mother) in December 2009 and began bottling their own milk a month later. Today, the dairy is operated by the Huffard, Blankenship and Slemp families, plant manager, Jordan Hall, and another full-time employee.

Heifers in Pasture Milk Being Bottled
Heifers rest in the shade of a tree in one of the pastures at Huffard Dairy Farms.
These females are about 18 months old and will join the milking cow herd in
about six months, after they have their first calves.
Trey Huffard inspects a line of quart jugs as they are filled with delicious Jersey milk.

Dairying has been a way of life for the Huffard, Blankenship and Slemp families for many years. Huffard Dairy Farms was established by Jim and John's grandfather in 1929. Joey and Danny milked Holsteins nearly all their lives and switched to Jerseys in 2002.

Most of the feed for the two herds is grown right on the farms. This ensures the forages and grains the cows eat are of top-quality and that every drop of milk they produce is delicious and nutritious. Jim Huffard is a certified nutritionist who also helps to balance rations for other dairy farmers in the area.

To learn more about Duchess Dairy, CLICK HERE to see an article that was carried in the November 2010 issue of the Jersey Journal.

The Huffard Family Slemp and Blankenship Family
Jim, John and Trey Huffard operate Huffard Dairy
Farms in Crockett, Va.
Danny Slemp and Joey Blankenship and Abe Slemp operate Sugar Grove Jerseys in Sugar Grove, Va.
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