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Louisville, KY

Thank you to our buyers at the All American Jersey Sale in November...

...the Syrious Syndicate for purchasing 200JE00520 Wilsonview Syrious-ET for $29,400. He will be sampled by Semex USA and

...River Valley Farm, Tremont, IL, for selecting Wilsonview Z Shoshonie-ET for $19,500. She was the second high-selling female of the sale.

Wilsonview Dairy is proud to have been the sole Oregon stop on the JISEX Tour to the U.S. and Canada. Jersey enthusiasts from around the world toured the facilities here in Tillamook in early November 2009.
Jersey Journal Article Wilsonview Dairy was pleased to participate in a young sire roundtable featured in the July 2009 issue of the Jersey Journal. CLICK HERE to view the article.
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