The matriarch of this strong cow family at Wilsonview Dairy is JBC Sooner Gabbi. Wilsonview Dairy purchased Gabbi from fellow Oregon Jersey breeder, Jeffry Cochran, in the Pride of the West Sale in 1992. Gabbi has seven registered daughters and two sons. Three of her daughters are appraised Excellent-91% and have solid production and components.

Cochran felt so strongly about this lineage that he purchased two of Gabbi's daughters, Wilsonview Alf Ghiana-ET and Wilsonview Barber Gally, from the Josis and developed them into tremendous cows.

At Wilsonview Dairy, we are milking great-granddaughters of Gabbi and they are performing as well as their great-grandmother. Over the years, 46 of her female descendents have grazed the pastures at Wilsonview Dairy.

JBC Sooner Gabbi
Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-3 305 19,040 5.1% 972 4.0% 754
1st Senior 2-Year-Old, Western National, 1992

Gabbi's Daughter
Wilsonview Dexter Gaby
Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-0 305 15,970 5.2% 825 3.8% 609

Gabbi's Granddaughter
Wilsonview Jace Gabbi
Pedigree | Larger Photo
2-11 305 16,370 5.0% 815 3.5% 570

Jace Gabbi was selected as a finalist to represent her sire, Windy Willow Montana Jace, in The Art of Fine Breeding contest sponsored by Select Sires and the Jersey Journal in 2008. Her daughter, Wilsonview Impulse Garnet, is appraised E-90% and has 19,24M, 855F and 687P in her third lactation.

CLICK HERE for details on Gabbi and several other Jace daughters featured in our June 2008 Jersey Journal ad.


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