Wilsonview Dairy is located in the heart of Cheese Country, in Tillamook, Ore. We milk about 400 Registered Jersey cows and raise about 300 replacement heifers. The 450-acre farm is situated about an hour's drive west of Portland and five miles from Tillamook Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The dairy also milks two other breeds of dairy cattle at a farm called Wilsonview West. Long-term, the goal is to milk an all-Jersey herd.

Wilsonview Dairy is operated by Don and Desi Josi and their youngest son, Derrick. Don and Desi have two other grown children, Denise and Donald, who have also pursued careers in the dairy industry.

The Josi family - Derrick, Don and Desi, Bryson and Julie. Missing from the photo
is the youngest addition to the family, Addison, born in August 2008.

Milk from our cows is shipped to the Tillamook Cheese plant, which pays on component pricing. A quality bonus is something we strive to achieve each and every month.

At Wilsonview, production is paramount. While functional type is important, cows have to milk to pay their way here. Our American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) lactation average for 2017 stands at 20,308M, 960F and 70P on 451 cows. The herd ranks #16 in the nation for Jersey Performance Index (JPI) with an average JPI of +73 (12/17). Ninety percent of the cows have been genotyped.

The breed's former #1 Active A.I. bull, Wilsonview Jevon Magnum-ET, was bred at Wilsonview Farm and hails from the "M" cow family. Here he is pictured with photographer Frank Robinson, right, and a member of the crew.

Don brought the first Registered Jersey to the farm in 1965 as a 4-H project. He attended Oregon State University and graduated from the school in 1975 with a bachelor's degree in animal science.

The herd has grown to its present size from Jersey reproductive efficiency and several key foundation purchases.

Wilsonview Dairy is a member of the AJCA and enrolled on the organization's REAP program, which includes registrations, appraisals, performance information and contributions to Project Equity. The farm is also a contract advertiser in the Jersey Journal. The Josi family has contributed to the AJCC Research Foundation and supports local, state, regional and national sales through consignments and purchases.

A new member of the herd at Wilsonview Dairy Inc. shortly after
receiving a tattoo (similar to a brand) in her left ear. The tattoo will be
used to identify her throughout her life

Alfalfa is being raked into rows after it is cut. After it dries, it will be baled and
then fed to the cows and heifers at Wilsonview Dairy. High-quality hay and other forages
are important for maintaining high production and the health of the herd.

Don and Desi recount their most memorable Jersey experience as the trip from the Pixy Farm Dispersal to World Dairy Expo in the 1970s. Enroute to judge the show, Don spent four hours traveling with former AJCC Executive Secretary, James Cavanaugh, and the organization's executive secretary at the time, Maurice Core.

"By the time we got to Madison, we were signed up as AJCC members," Don and Desi recall. "And by the time we got back home, the entire herd was enrolled on the AJCC performance program, TPE."


The Josi Family
Donald and Desi and Derrick, Bryson and Addison
2540 Olsen Road, Tillamook, OR 97141
Don: 503/842-4516 . Fax: 503/842-8479
Email: desijosi@wilsonview.com
Website: www.wilsonview.usjersey.com