Genetic Evaluations
December and January

Genomics are reaffirming the value of some of our leading ladies. With the latest genetic evaluations, Wilsonview Dairy ranks #16 in the nation for JPI with an average JPI of +73. Ninety percent of the milking string has been genotyped.

Fifty-five cows and 10 heifer calves rank among the breed's most elite for genetic evaluations. CLICK HERE for further information on leading females at Wilsonview Dairy.

Herd Appraisal

The latest appraisal at Wilsonview in November 2017 brought great news. Wilsonview Headline Mayday was raised to E-90% and three first-calf heifers were appraised VG-86%. The herd now includes 64 Excellent and 431 Very Good cows and has an average appraisal of 83.8%.

CLICK HERE to view our October 2013 ad in the Jersey Journal, which includes a photo of photographer Frank Robinson with Wilsonview Jevon Magnum-ET, the breed's former #1 Active A.I. bull.
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