Genetic Evaluations
April and July 2016

GR Wilsonview Garden Sochi{3}-ET
Ranked among top 1.5% at +137

Genomics are reaffirming the value of some of our leading ladies. With the latest genetic evaluations, Wilsonview Dairy ranks #30 in the nation for JPI with an average JPI of +61 on 467 cows.

Fifty-three members of the milking string and a dozen calves in the heifer pens rank among the breed's most elite for genetic evaluations. CLICK HERE for further information on leading females at Wilsonview Dairy.

Wilsonview Jevon Magnum-ET ranks #7 on the list of Active A.I. bulls with a GJPI of +190. Eight Wilsonview-bred bulls rank on the current list of G-code bulls.

Wilsonview N McKayla-ET, E-92%

Herd Appraisal

The latest appraisal at Wilsonview in January 2016 brought great news. We have fourteen new Excellents, including Wilsonview Medalst Maid, who was raised three points to E-91%, and Wilsonview Legal Sasha {4}, who was raised six points to E-91%. The herd now includes 49 Excellent and 423 Very Good cows and has an average appraisal of 83.8%.

CLICK HERE to view our October 2013 ad in the Jersey Journal, which includes a photo of photographer Frank Robinson with Wilsonview Jevon Magnum-ET, the breed's former #1 Active A.I. bull, now ranked #7 with a GJPI of +190.
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