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WF Moment Analou-ET
Now E-95%


The herd was appraised in June 2017 and Waverly Farm has 13 new Excellents. Among these are WF Premier Gidget, WF Kyros Celia and WF Action Franny, all appraised E-91%. WF Moment Analou-ET and WF Attaboy Kimmy were raised to E-95%.

The farm is now home to 125 Excellent and 121 Very Good cows and has an average appraisal of 88.5%.

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Great Cow Contest

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Finishing fifth was the 2002 National Grand Champion, Blacky Rose of Briarcliffs. Bred by Henry Black, West Baldwin, Maine, “Blacky” traveled the U.S. in her lifetime, living in Oregon for a few years before living out her mature life here at Waverly Farm.

Blacky Rose of Briarcliffs
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Nominated by Waverly Farm, Nabholz Farm and Justin Burdette

Team Reese Medical Fund

To contribute to the Team Reese Medical Fund, for Reese's continuing medical needs, click on the link below. The family is thankful for the overwhelming support and forever humbled by the generosity.


Thank you
Dairy Industry

Our family cannot begin to express our heartfelt gratitude to our friends and the dairy industry from around the world for their thoughts, prayers, and support since our house fire on Memorial Day this past year.

The past 17 months have been some of the toughest days that we have experienced, but every day looks a little better. Patricia is home from the hospital and healing. Our Reese is still at Johns Hopkins but has made great strides these past few months in her healing process. It is still a long road for her, but she has proven time and again what a fighter she is. Your prayers for their healing have been so important in that process. We cannot even begin to thank everyone.

The outpouring of support from near and far has simply been overwhelming. While we have tried to individually thank everyone, it has been a nearly impossible task with the incredible number of people on that list. A very special thank you to all of the farms that have donated animals in sales this year to help out.

To everyone the world over, regardless of breed, our family thanks you for your kindness and support.

The Mike Stiles Family, Clear Brook, Va.

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