On the Tanbark Trail in 2005

Iatola Sheona of WF
2nd Junior 2-year-old and Best Bred
and Owned, Central National
2nd Junior 2-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
3rd Junior 2-year-old, MD State Fair
6th Junior 2-year-old, All American
  Infinity Shade of WF
Reserve Intermediate Champion,
All American
2nd Junior 3-year-old, All American
1st Junior 3-year-old, MD State Fair
Elmsmead Furor Jezibelle
2nd Junior 3-year-old, Central National
Intermediate Champion, Mid-Atlantic
1st Junior 3-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
7th Junior 3-year-old, All American
Hermitage Counciller Sheba
2nd 5-year-old and Genetic Merit
Award, Central National
6th 5-year-old, All American
Reserve Premier Performance Cow
Overall, All American
DKG Renaissance Charm
Grand Champion, MD State Fair
1st 5-year-old, MD State Fair
9th 5-year-old, All American
WF B Pride Dime
2nd Aged Cow, Mid-Atlantic
1st Aged Cow, MD State Fair
4th Aged Cow, All American
Miss JEMI Brown Sugar
3rd Junior 2-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
1st Junior 2-year-old, MD State Fair
7th Junior 2-year-old, All American
Butterfield Night Purshia
5th 4-year-old, All American
Rockin J Jade Victoria
3rd 4-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
13th 4-year-old, All American
Crescent Prize Silver 25K
3rd Dry Cow 4-years and Under,
WF Sambo Bunny
1st Aged Dry Cow, Mid-Atlantic
Premier Exhibitor
Central National and Mid-Atlantic
KHJ Sheba Surprise
3rd Senior 2-year-old, MD State Fair
WF Jade Analise
2nd Senior 3-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
WF Instant Success
1st Summer Yearling, MD State Fair
Nabholz WF Teejay
Reserve Junior Champion, MD State Fair
1st Intermediate Yearling
Piedmont Duke Candy
6th National Jersey Jug Futurity
WF Toptin Bon Bon
1st 100,000-pounds Milk, Mid-Atlantic
1st Long-time Production, MD State Fair
8th Aged Cow, All American
Premier Breeder
Junior Best Three Females
MD State Fair
Senior Best Three Females
1st Mid-Atlantic and MD State Fair
Dam and Daughter
1st Mid-Atlantic
Produce of Dam
1st Mid-Atlantic and MD State Fair
Exhibitor's Herd
1st Mid-Atlantic and MD State Fair