On the Tanbark Trail in 2000

WF Barber Shasta
Reserve Grand Champion, All American
Reserve All American Aged Cow
Nasco Type and Production Winner and 8th Premier Performance Cow,
All American
 Judes Kim
Intermediate Champion, All American
All American Senior 2-year-old
Intermediate Champion, Central National
Reserve Grand Champion, Mid-Atlantic
Supreme Champion, MD State Fair
Supreme Champion,
Montgomery County Fair
Owned with Nabholz Jerseys, IA
Virginia Berretta Minda
Reserve All American Milking
Senior Yearling
1st Milking Senior Yearling, Mid-Atlantic
Owned with Bill and Doris Johnson and
Joe Lineweaver
GR Poseidon Angie Snickers
All American Junior 3-year-old
3rd Premier Performance Cow,
All American
Giprat Renn Anastasia-ET
7th Junior 3-year-old, All American
Piedmont Justin Jade
5th Junior 3-year-old, All American
Jo Tassel
2nd Senior 2-year-old, Montgomery County Fair
WF Centurion Snowpea
Reserve All American Junior 2-year-old
Reserve Junior All American
Junior 2-year-old
Foxland Juno Katie
4th 4-year-old, All American
WF/L&M Berretta Butter
3rd 5-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
Peninsula H R Tracy
6th 4-year-old, All American
A-OK DC Sooner Yazoo
13th 4-year-old, All American
Owned with Judy and Lee Majeski, MD
Enniskillen Galaxy Tessa
Reserve All American Summer Yearling
2nd Summer Yearling, Central National
2nd Summer Yearling, Mid-Atlantic
WF Briar Alfalfa
14th Aged Cow, All American
WF Gump Abby
8th Senior 2-year-old and 2nd Premier Performance in Class, All American
Premier Exhibitor
All American
Best Barn Exhibit
All American
WF/L&M Duncan Barber-ET
Premier Sire, All American
Second consecutive year