On the Tanbark Trail in 1999

WF Barber Shasta
All American Aged Cow
1st Aged Cow, Mid-Atlantic
1st Aged Cow, MD State Fair
  Blacky Rose of Briarcliffs
Supreme Champion, Mid-Atlantic

1st 4-year-old, Central National
2nd 4-year-old, Ohio Spring Dairy Expo
Owned with New Direction Jerseys,
F. Strouse and J. Burdette
Foxland Juno Katie
Intermediate Champion, All American 

Reserve Grand Champion, Mid-Atlantic
1st Junior 3-year-old, Central National
2nd Junior 3-year-old, MD State Fair
Rock Ella Toptin Betty
All American Senior 2-year-old
1st Senior 2-year-old, Spring Dairy Expo

Owned with Nabholz Jerseys, IA
GR Poseidon Angie Snickers
All American Junior 2-year-old
3rd Junior 2-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
Judes Kim
Reserve All American Milking
Senior Yearling
1st Milking Senior Yearling,
Central National

Owned with Nabholz Jerseys, IA
Jo Tassel
1st Senior 2-year-old, MD State Fair
5th Senior 2-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
Piedmont Justin Jade
1st Junior 2-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
2nd Junior 2-year-old, MD State Fair
Stemar Imperial Tabitha
1st Senior 2-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
4th Senior 2-year-old, Central National
4th Senior 2-year-old, All American
Owned with Nabholz Jerseys, IA
WF Duncan Canary
4th Aged Cow, All American
Curtseys KJ Holly
8th 4-year-old, All American
Norval Acres Linus Kim
1st 5-year-old, Montgomery County Fair
2nd 5-year-old, MD State Fair
WF/L&M Berretta Butter
2nd 4-year-old, MD State Fair
WF Sooner Darlene
3rd 5-year-old, MD State Fair
2nd 5-year-old, Mid-Atlantic
7th 5-year-old, All American
A-OK DC Sooner Yazoo
3rd Senior 3-year-old, All American
Premier Exhibitor
All American
Cottonwood Galactic Mary Alice
Reserve Intermediate Champion,
All American
Owned with Neal and Dusty Schirm
and Sarah A. Martin
Best Three Females
All American