Show-Ring Laurels

We are also proud of our own show string achievements in 2015. At the 2015 Kentucky State Fair,Minister Martina was named Reserve Senior Champion Female and Tequila Fanny was named Reserve Junior Champion Female. Five head placed in the top three in their respective classes: Tequila Tinkerbell (3rd Intermediate Heifer), Tequila Fanny (1st Senior Heifer), Harvard Belle (1st Junior Three-year-old), Harvard Molly (3rd Senior Three-Year-Old) and Minister Martha (2nd Five-Year-Old). We are also excited to recieve honors for first place in Best Three Females and first place Breeders Herd.


Herd Appraisal

Rider Jersey Farm was appraised in June 2016 and we are pleased with the results.

The farm is now home to 21 Excellent and 35 Very Good cows and has an average appraisal of 87.1%.

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