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Ratliff Proof of Progress II Sale Candids
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The high seller at $22,500 was Lot 84, Ratliff Remake Morgan, purchased by Budjon Farms and Peter Vail, represented by Micheal Heath, second left. Also pictured are Robert Yeoman, Christy Ratliff, Andrew Vander Meulen, Taylor Leach, at the halter, and Ron Ratliff. In the box are Russell Gammon, pedigrees, and Gary Estes, auctioneer. Ratliff Tequila Chill, Lot 74, brought the second high price of $9,800. She sold to Ed Cooper, represented by
Michael Heath.
The third high seller was Lot 43, Ratliff Amedeo Krissy. She sold for $8,500 to Buddy Sanford, represented by
Joe Nash, second right.
The fourth high seller was Lot 85, Ratliff Jade Doodlebug, who sold for $8,000 to Hannah Braun, represented by B. J. Hanfield, second left. Olivia Brandenburg is at the halter.
Ratliff Tequila Chill Lot 74), second high seller, and Ratliff Remake Morgan (Lot 84), high seller, in the barn before the sale. More fancy-uddered young cows in the barn before the sale.
Ratliff Minister Krystin-ET (Lot 35), Ratliff Governor Maiden-ET
(Lot 20), Ratliff Action Kadey-ET (Lot 31) and Ratliff
Comerica Mollie-ET (Lot 25).
A great line-up of heifers.
Lot A - the first live lot to sell - was a choice of "Alicia" daughters. Lot 3, Ratliff Tequila Aggie-ET, on the left, was chosen by Schultz Brothers for $7,900. Fancy-uddered, show-stopping Ratliff Remake Morgan in the sale ring before being struck off for $22,500 to Budjon Farms and Peter Vail.
The lovely-uddered Ratliff Tequila Chill in the ring. Ratliff Amedeo Krissy-ET (Lot 43) sold due to "Action" in July. She was purchased for $8,500 by Buddy Stanford.

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