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Allie All American Jr. 2-Year-Old 2005





Allie (right) earns All American Junior Two-Year-Old honors in 2005. Placing fourth in the class is herdmate, Ratliff Juno
Madison-ET (left).


Allie All American 2009
Allie (second right) placed second in the aged cow class at The All American Jersey Show in 2009.






Valen L Maid

Sunset Canyon Valen L Maid 42481-et
GPTA +130M, +40F, +14P, GJPI +101 (1/18)

3-2 305 25,950 6.9% 1,785 3.6% 943

We are pleased to partner with Eric Silva, OR, on this great young cow out of "Lemvig Maid 4." The next dam is the one-and-only Tenn Haug E Maid (bottom).


Spatz Applejack Baylee
20,805 - 9455 - 794 ME at 2-2

4th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2017

We purchased "Baylee" from the Spatz Cattle Company, PA, at the Stars of Stoney Point Sale in 2017.


Lavon Farms Applejack cheyene
Owned with Frank Pretz and Dan Friedrich

Res. Grand and Int. Champion, Southern National, 2017
1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, Southern National, 2017

"Cheyene" is another promising purchase - a granddaughter of Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus, 2003 National Grand Champion. Her dam is Family Hill Amadeo Colbi, E-92%.


Iota Comerica Patricia
4-7 266 18,370 5.8% 1,063 3.7% 676

3rd Jr. 3-Year-Old, All American, 2013
1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2013
2nd Jr. 3-Year-Old, WI Spring Show, 2013

We purchased "Patricia" from the Wisconsin Spring Sale in 2013.


Woodmohr Mini Aspen
4-2 305 20,340 5.3% 1,074 4.1% 825

7th 4-Year-Old, International Show, 2014
1st 4-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2014
Res. Grand Champion, WI Spring Show, 2013
Int. Champion, WI Spring Show, 2013
1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, BU, WI Spring Show, 2013

We purchased "Aspen" from the Wisconsin Spring Spectacular Sale in 2013.


Page-Crest Response Sabra-ET
4-7 305 27,260 4.7% 1,284 3.4% 931

6th 4-Year-Old, All American, 2016
6th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2014
9th Sr. 2-Year-Old, International Show, 2014
Int. Champion, KS State Fair, 2014


Ratliff Sultan Velvet
3-3 305 3x 19,043 5.2% 987 3.7% 701
Owned by Kilgus Dairy/Carla Kilgus, Fairbury, IL

2013 Junior All American Four-Year-Old
7th 4-Year-Old, All American, 2013
1st 4-Year-Old, Intl. Jr. Jersey Show, 2013
Grand Champion, IL State Fair, 2013
Int. Champion, IL State Fair, 2012
1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, WI Spring Show, 2012
1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, Intl. Jr. Show, 2012
4th Sr. 3-Year-Old, All American Jr. Show, 2012



Ratliff D Dean Allie-ET
6-0 305 23,360 3.9% 916 3.6% 841

Grand Champion and BBO of Show, WI Spring Show
1st Aged Cow and BU, WI Spring Show
5th Aged Cow, All American
8th Aged Cow, Central National
Nominated All-American Aged Cow, ABA
Nominated Best Three Females, ABA

Reserve All American Aged Cow
2nd Aged Cow, All American
Nominated All-American Aged Cow, ABA
Sr. Champion, Southern National
1st Aged Cow and BBO, Southern National
2nd Aged Cow, KS State Fair
4th Aged Cow and Class Production Award, Central National
4th Aged Cow and BBO, WI Spring Show

Nominated All-American 5-Year-Old, ABA
4th 5-Year-Old and Premier Performance Winner,
All American
2nd 5-Year-Old, WI Spring Show
4th 5-Year-Old, Central National

Grand Champion and BBO of Show, WI Spring Show
1st 4-Year-Old, WI Spring Show
Reserve Grand Champion, Southern National
1st 4-Year-Old, Southern National
5th 4-Year-Old, Central National
10th 4-Year-Old, All American

Res. Winner, National Jersey Jug Futurity
Nominated All-American Jr. 3-Year-Old, ABA

All American Junior Two-Year-Old
1st Jr. 2-Year-Old, BU, BBO and Premier Performance Winner, All American
Reserve Junior All American Junior Two-Year-Old
2nd Jr. 2-Year-Old and BBO, All American
4th Jr. 2-Year-Old, Central National


Norval Acres Pitino Constance
6-7 305 23,420 5.2% 1,217 3.9% 917
Lifetime to Date: 127,269M, 6,456F and 4,970P in 2,055 days

1st 75,000M Class, WI Spring Show, 2007
10th Aged Cow, Protein Award, All American, 2006
3rd Sr. 3-Year-Old, All American, 2002


"Candace" photo taken at 11 years-of-age

Constance Daughter:
Ratliff Jade Candace-ET
6-9 305 23,540 5.5% 1,285 3.7% 879

2nd 100,000M Cow and BBO, International Jersey Show, 2012
Nominated All-American 100,000M Cow, ABA
1st Aged Cow and BU, WI Spring Show, 2011
4th 100,000M Cow and BBO, Central National, 2011
3rd Aged Cow, WI Spring Show, 2009
2nd Aged Cow, Southern National, 2009
2nd Aged Cow, Southern National, 2008
Grand Champion, KS State Fair, 2007
3rd 5-Year-Old and Genetic Award, Central National, 2007
6th 5-Year-Old, All American, 2007

Candace's Daughter:
Ratliff indiana cadence-ET
2-1 305 17,980 5.3% 949 3.6% 654

3rd Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2017
5th Sr. 2-Year-Old, International Show, 2017


Constance Daughter:
Ratliff Jade Chelsea-ET
5-5 305 20,330 5.4% 1,093 3.6% 742

3rd Sr. 2-Year-Old, WI Spring Show, 2011
7th Sr. Yearling in Milk, All American, 2010
8th Sr. Yearling in Milk, Central National, 2010

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