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Look for our consignment heading to Louisville on November 5:

Ratliff Colton Nicole-ET
Online Catalog (Lot 22)
A March "Colton" calf backed by four Excellent dams. She is a full sister to the first-place milking yearling at the 2015 International Junior Jersey Show.

We kicked off the 2017 show season with a bang at the Southern National, where we again earned the Premier Breeder banner. Lavon Farms Applejack Cheyene (left) was named Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion. Ratliff Tequila Dazzled-ET was Junior Champion.

Ratliff-bred animals also shone in the junior show. Ratliff Minister Midgee, owned by Taylor, Erin and Sophie Leach, KS, and shown by Sophie (right) was named Grand Champion. Ratliff Apple Jack Amirah-ET, owned by Leigha and Dwight Rokey and Devon, Drew, Danner and Daven Benfer, KS, and shown by Drew, was tapped Junior Champion.

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Post Time at the Ratliff's
May 6, 2017
Garnett, KS

We want to thank everyone who consigned, purchased, attended and helped with our sale. We so appreciate you all! The sale average was $3,550.

Billings Impression of Boo Boo was the high seller at $34,000, purchased by the partnership of Budjon-Vail, Lomira, WI, represented by Travis Krohlow, second left. Also pictured are Andrew VanderMeulen, left, sale manager, and Christy and Ron Ratliff, right.

  The second high seller at $10,200 was Royalty Ridge Excitation Gift, purchased by John Miller of Winterplace Jerseys, represented by Mike Uber, second left. She was consigned by Ryan and Freynie Lancaster.
  The third high seller was Ratliff Dually Joyful at $9,500. She was purchased by the Pires family of California, represented by Louie Cozzitorto, second left.
  The fourth high seller was Lawrence-Haven Verb Fergie, purchased by Kyle and Tori Burk, center, for $7,850. She was consigned by Avonlea and Cybil Fisher, represented by Taylor and Will VanderMeulen, left. Mike Uber, rear, was contending bidder.
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