The annual meeting provides members with an opportunity to hear the latest industry news from featured speakers, recognize their peers and catch up with fellow Jersey breeders.

This year's meeting was held in State College on March 11.

Awards presented include the Pennsylvania Young Jersey Dairyman Award, to honor Jersey producers who are beginning their Jersey careers, and the Pennsylvania Distinguished Service Award, to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the PJCA. The Norman Genetic Award is presented to the state's high herd for Jersey Performance Index. Breeders are recognized for herd production and individual cow production based on mature equivalent cheese yield. Youth are also recognized at the awards banquet.

PJCA President Steve Paxton, center, presents the Young Jersey Breeder Award to Cole and Jessica Peters. All photos courtesy Reneé Norman-Kenny.


Pennsylvania Jersey royalty recognized at the meeting included Maria Noble, 2016 National Jersey Queen, Jaydyn Isiminger, 2017 Pennsylvania Alternate Jersey Queen, Lane Kummer, 2017 Pennsylvania Jersey Queen, and Brooke Ostrander, 2015 Pennsylvania Jersey Queen.

Award Recipients 2017
Distinguished Service Award Beverly Gruber, New Tripoli
Young Jersey Breeder Award Cole and Jessica Peters, Meadville
Norman Genetic Award Mount Rock Jerseys LLC, Newville
High Protein Herd Vanderfeltz Jerseys, Lawton
21,470M, 1,012F and 814P on 132.4 cows
High Herd Milk, Fat, Protein (7-29 cows) Country Path Jerseys, Canton
22,256M, 1123F, 819P on 21 cows
High Herd Milk (30-59 cows) JD Brand Farms, Blandon
19,197M, 871F, 667F on 32 cows
High Herd Fat and Protein (30-59 cows) Dare E Land
19,046M, 965F, 701P on 83 cows
High Herd Milk and Protein (60-99 cows) Matt and Alicia Derr, Linden
19,226M, 905F, 701P on 84 cows
High Herd Fat (60-99 cows) Cedar Acres, Mohnton
18,395M, 941F, 686P on 83 cows
High Herd Milk and Protein (100+ cows) Vanderfeltz Jerseys, Lawton
21,757M, 1028F, 864P on 172 cows
High Herd Fat (100+ cows) South-Mont Farms
21,240M, 1029F, 777P on 109 cows
High Protein Cow VanFel TBone Jalisa 750, E-90%
36,906M, 1344F, 1322P at 6-1
Cheese Yield Dollars: $5,230.67
Vanderfeltz Jerseys, Lawton
Junior Awards 2017
Pennsylvania Jersey Queen Lane Kummer, Evans City
Alternate Pennsylvania Jersey Queen Jaydyn Isiminger, Union City
Achievement - Junior Blaine Warburton, New Albany
Achievement - Intermediate Jordan Anderson, Centre Hall
Achievement - Senior Hannah Diehl, Mcveytown
First Year Project Ethan Knapp, Franklin
Scrapbook - Junior Audrey M. Staples, Heritage
Scrapbook - Senior Willow Voegtlen, Columbia Crossroads
Speech Contest - Junior Zachary Diehl, Mcveytown
Speech Contest - Intermediate Riley Sue Thompson, Smethport
Speech Contest - Senior Willow Voegtlen, Columbia Crossroads
Dairy Jeopardy - Junior Jordan Anderson, Centre Hall
Dairy Jeopardy - Senior Ayla M. Blatt Kutztown
Production Contest Elsbree Marshal Arkansas, VG-88%
28,788M, 1348F, 975P at 5-1; ME 946P
Jessica Nolt, Canton

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