Welcome to the site of the Pennsylvania Jersey Cattle Association (PJCA). We are a membership organization of 170 dairy producers who have a common interest in the Registered Jersey cow.

We hail from a state in which dairy is king, with gross revenues from the dairy industry surpassing all other agriculture enterprises. Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation for total milk production and has designated milk as its official beverage. The dairy industry contributes more than $1.6 billion to the state's economy each year and provides employment for more than 40,000 people.

Registered Jerseys in Pennsylvania
In 2012, Jersey breeders from Pennsylvania registered 4,732 animals with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA), a mark that ranks the Keystone state sixth in the nation for registrations. Ninety-four of the state's dairy producers are enrolled on the AJCA's core performance program, REAP. The average size of their herds is 62 cows.

Pennsylvania herds have been among the top producers in the nation. In 2004, Heather Pease of Susquehanna was the nation's leading milk, fat and protein producer. A year later, the herd owned by J. Craig and Susan E. Wicker of Centre Hall led the nation for fat production.

In 2012, Wingert Farms of Alexandria ranks 10th in the nation for milk production with an AJCA lactation average of 23,263M, 1,099F and 822P. Five other herds rank among the top 10 in the nation for milk, fat and protein production among their peers with similar sized herds.

Jersey Production Queens
Jersey producers from the Keystone State have bred some of the breed's most prominent individuals over the years. Former World Milk and Protein Champion, Normandell Khan Ariel, bred by Normandell Farms and Alfred Norman of Liberty and owned by Norse Star Jerseys of Westby, WI, at the completion of her record in 2001, was the first Registered Jersey to produce more than 40,000 lbs. milk and 1,500 lbs. protein in a single lactation.

Windy Acres Legend Carla, owned by William Eick of Columbia Crossroads, ranked among the leaders in the Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest for seven consecutive years beginning in 1999 and topped either the milk, fat or protein division five times. She produced lifetime credits of 272,337 lbs. milk, 12,952 lbs. fat and 9,372 lbs. protein in 4,957 days.

Jersey Show Ring Stars
In the show ring in 2012, Josh McKay of Claysburg exhibited the Grand Champion of the International Junior Jersey Show, Big Guns Jamaica Vanilla, and Amanda Thompson of Wellsville earned the prestigious Premier Breeder banner at the All American Junior Jersey Show.

The National Jersey Jug Futurity was topped by Pennsylvania bred cows in 2009 and 2010. Hillacres Morrae Maryland was named winner in 2010. She is owned by Peter Vail and Budjon Farms, Lomira, WI, and was bred by Tom and Amanda Arrowsmith of Peach Bottom. Tower Vue Tobago-ET, bred and owned by Scott M. Walton of Carlisle, was the first Pennsylvania cow to earn the honor in 2009.

Pennsylvania-bred Hillacres Morrae Maryland was named winner of the National Jersey Jug Futurity. This was the second straight year a Pennsylvania-bred cow has topped the prestigious class held during All American festivities in Louisville, KY.

The Supreme Champion of the 2009 World Dairy Expo Junior Show, Xanadu Champion Kandy Kiss, was bred by Sally Oakes of Greenville and exhibited by Ben Sauder, Tremont, IL.

Pennsylvania-bred Xanadu Champion Kandy Kiss was named Supreme Champion of the 2009 World Dairy Expo Junior Show.

Other Top Performers in the Jersey World
Pennsylvania Jersey breeders themselves have also been bestowed with honors over the years. Eighteen have received the AJCA's Young Jersey Breeder award and two young people have been named winners of the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest. In 2009, Dr. Robert C. and Helene Z. Dreisbach of Mercer earned the organization's Distinguished Service Award.

The Pennsylvania Jersey Cattle Association hosted the Annual Meetings of the AJCA and National All-Jersey Inc. in Valley Forge in 1970, in Lancaster in 1985 and most recently in Pittsburgh in 2005. The 2005 event featured the all-donation National Heifer Sale, which raised more than $400,000 to support the AJCC Research Foundation and National Jersey Youth Fund. The sale was topped by a Pennsylvania-bred heifer, MVF Paramount Golda 1218-ET, consigned by Meadow View Farm of Pine Grove and purchased by the Golden River Syndicate, Seymour, WI, for $14,100.

MVF Golda 1218-ET was the high-seller of the all-donation National Heifer Sale in 2005. Jersey breeders from the Keystone State hosted the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings that year, as they did in 1970 and 1985.

Though Pennsylvania Jersey breeders are as varied as the businesses they operate, they have one thing in common. All believe in the superiority of their Jersey cow that produces milk with all the extras - extra flavor, extra nutrition, extra value and extra satisfaction.


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