Jason Nuhfer, Willard

Dan Ashcraft, Orient

Jim Bolen, Fremont


Kathy Ashcraft, Orient

District 2
Jim Bolen - 2015

District 3
Jason Nuhfer - 2015

District 4
Grant Cope

District 5
Donna Greiwe - 2016

District 7
Thomas Noyes - 2016

District 9
Mark Hoewischer - 2016

District 10
Dannie Ashcroft - 2018

District 12
J. Hodge

District 13
Kay Bohl -2015

District 15
Kevin Williams - 2015

Dave Cornish
Neal Diley
Bill Grammer
Jim Heron
John Lemmermen
Tom Schindel
Deb Stanfield

Kadey Starkey

Vice President
Amanda Seger

Audrey Ferguson

Heath Starkey

News Reporter
Kenzie Hoewischer


Show season is a popular time of the year for Ohio Jersey breeders as it gives them opportunity to gather with their peers and enjoy a little friendly competition for top show-ring honors. They have several chances to compete on the tanbark trail in the Buckeye state, including 10 district shows, the Spring Dairy Expo and the Ohio State Fair, one of the largest state fairs in the country.

Ohio Jersey breeders also fare well in national show-ring competition at the All American Jersey Show, held each September in Harrisburg, PA; the International Jersey Show in Madison, WI; and The All American Jersey Show, in November in Louisville, KY.

At the 2016 All American Jersey Show, Ohio Jersey breeders earned 21 top-10 placings and showed the Grand Champion, RRF Comerica Daisy, and the first place Junior Best Three Females.

At the junior show in Louisville, Ohio juniors tied with Pennsylvania for honors as top state herd. Ohio juniors showed the Intermediate Champion, Impression Cloud, and earned three Junior All American and two Reserve Junior All American laurels. Trevor Greiwe of Sidney was named Premier Breeder.

All American Jersey Show
November 2016 - Louisville, KY

RRF Comerica Daisy
Senior and Grand Champion
All American Four-Year-Old
TJ Classic Jerseys and Reinholt Jerseys, Ansonia
DKG Motion Meredith
Junior All American Junior Calf
Mill Valley Farms, Sidney
Kash-Up Andreas Envy-ET
Reserve All American Senior Heifer Calf
Thomas Clark Brown, North Lewisburg
DKG Tequila Lilac
Reserve All American Winter Yearling
Mill Valley Farms, Sidney
Junior Best Three Females
1st, Mill Valley Farms, Sidney
Other Top 10 Placings
APB Vivitar Bewitched
8th Intermediate Calf
Kira Andre, Anneli Shaw, APB Jerseys, Wauseon
J-Kay Made You Look Fancy
3rd Summer Yearling
Matt Morgan, Cam, Cora and Cope Richards, Jim Morgan Family, Urbana
Lavon Farms Innovation Sumac
9th Winter Yearling
J. T. Lemmermen and Oakhaven Jerseys, Galloway

Cowbell Velocity Camille
9th Winter Yearling
TJ Classic Jersey and McGuire, West Liberty

Page-Crest Centurion Ella
10th Winter Yearling
Triple T, Michael Heath and Will Iager, North Lewisburg
Stoney Point Comerica Kathie
4th Junior Two-Year-Old
Triple T, Heath Mayer, North Lewisburg
Harmony Corners Fantasy 2
6th Junior Two-Year-Old
Matt Morgan Richards, Grant Tom Cope, Jim Morgan, Urbana
McGuires Verbatim Scarlet
8th Junior Two-Year-Old
Kyle McGuire, West Liberty
Impression Cloud
6th Junior Three-Year-Old
Williams Jerseys and Erin and Jody Williams, McConnelsville
Ehrhardt Colton Julep
7th Junior Three-Year-Old
Triple T, Mazzaro, Cole Fisher, North Lewisburg
TJ Classic Jamal Bailey
5th Senior Three-Year-Old
Bourne and Francis, Ansonia
HLF Comerica Emerson
7th Senior Three-Year-Old
Rachel and Reed Anderson, New Philadelphia
Topp View Spahrs Dude Excell
10th Senior Thre-Year-Old
Kinley Topp, Botkins
RRF Minister Dorita
3rd Five-Year-Old
TJ Classic Jerseys and Reinholt Jerseys, Ansonia
DKG Response Vickie
7th Five-Year-Old
Mill Valley Farms, Sidney
Bridon Jade Eliza-ET
10th Aged Cow
Topp View Farm, Botkins
TJ Classic Moment Layla
5th Lifetime Cheese Cow
Bourne, Ansonia

All American Junior Jersey Show
November 2016 - Louisville, KY

Impression Cloud
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Reserve Junior All American Junior Three-Year-Old
Jody Williams, McConnelsville
McGuires Verbatim Scarlet
Junior All American Junior Two-Year-Old
Kyle McGuire, West Liberty
DKG Tequila Lilac
Junior All American Winter Yearling
Lane Greiwe, Sidney
DKG Jade Ruffle
Reserve Junior All American Summer Yearling
Trevor Greiwe, Sidney
DKG Motion Cherry
Reserve Junior All American Junior Yearling
Blake Greiwe, Sidney
State Herd
1st (tie), Ohio
Premier Breeder
Trevor Greiwe, Sidney
Other Top 5 Placings
APB Vivitar Bewitched
5th Intermediate Calf
Anneli Shaw, Wauseon
J-Kay Made You Look Fancy
5th Summer Yearling
Matt Richards, Urbana
Pfaffsway Imp Gift of Grace-ET
5th Junior Yearling
Jeremy Ziegler, Galloway
Lavon Farms Innovation Sumac
4th Winter Yearling
J. T. Lemmermen, Galloway
Starwischer TBone Carolina
4th Junior Two-Year-Old
Ethan Starkey, Mechanicsburg
Topp-View Lowes GP Debutante
4th Four-Year-Old
Keaton Topp, Botkins
DKG Response Vickie
3rd Five-Year-Old
Trevor Greiwe, Sidney
Intermediate Showmanship
1st, Grace Hageman
2nd, Jeremy Ziegler, Galloway

The Ohio State Fair celebrated 50 years of the Two-Year-Old Jersey Futurity in 2009. CLICK HERE for highlights.

Click here to see results from the Ohio State Fair and Ohio Spring Dairy Expo.

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