Jason Nuhfer, Willard

Dan Ashcraft, Orient

Jim Bolen, Fremont


Kathy Ashcraft, Orient

District 2
Jim Bolen - 2015

District 3
Jason Nuhfer - 2015

District 4
Grant Cope

District 5
Donna Greiwe - 2016

District 7
Thomas Noyes - 2016

District 9
Mark Hoewischer - 2016

District 10
Dannie Ashcroft - 2018

District 12
J. Hodge

District 13
Kay Bohl -2015

District 15
Kevin Williams - 2015

Dave Cornish
Neal Diley
Bill Grammer
Jim Heron
John Lemmermen
Tom Schindel
Deb Stanfield

Kadey Starkey

Vice President
Amanda Seger

Audrey Ferguson

Heath Starkey

News Reporter
Kenzie Hoewischer


Participation in the OJBA is more than 250 members strong. Our members are dairy producers, allied industry personnel and those who have a special interest in the Jersey cow.

A variety of memberships are available. Senior membership is available to dairy producers for a basic herd fee of $35 plus 50 cents per milking age cow, with a maximum cost of $85. A non-voting associated membership is available to those who do not ship milk for $20. All members receive a subscription to the Ohio Jersey News.

The OJBA is served by four officers, 10 district directors and six directors-at-large.

The Ohio Junior Jersey Breeder's Association is served by five officers, 10 district directors and four directors-at-large. Advisors for the junior organization are Dave Cornish, co-chair, Randi Dibert, co-chair, and Erin Williams.

Junior membership is available to young people under the age of 18 for $5.

During the year, several OJBA members are recognized for their accomplishments in breeding and developing outstanding Jersey cows and for promoting the breed.

For information on becoming a member of the OJBA, click on the "contact us" link above and email your request.

For a listing of senior members, CLICK HERE. For associate members and out-of-state members, CLICK HERE. For junior members, CLICK HERE. For a supplemental list of members, CLICK HERE.

The Ohio Jersey Breeder's Association

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