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Lyon Character

At the Midwest Dairy Annual Meeting in Minneapolis in March G. Joe Lyon was honored for his 45 years of service from 1971-2016 to dairy promotion.

Lyon Character was chosen to represent the Jersey breed in the New Hall of Breeds at the Iowa Dairy Center.

Recent Accolades

We are honored to be chosen as recipients of the American Jersey Cattle Association's most prestigious award - Master Breeder - for 2015. We send a special thanks to all who extended their congratulations for the achievement. CLICK HERE to read an article on the farm and the award.

We are proud of Lyon Apple, VG-88%, who made an Honor Roll Record for cheese yield (CY) production in the second quarter of 2016. The ME of her record is 25,333 - 1,318 - 894, with 3,094 CY. Production Laurels
Lyon Blair Elsie
Now Excellent-93%

We are thrilled with the results of our latest herd appraisal in February 2016, with 6 new Excellents! Lyon Blair Elsie and Lyon Action Borgny were both raised to
E-93% and Lyon Navara Cynara was raised to E-92%.

The farm is now home to 58 Excellent and 256 Very Good cows and the herd appraisal average is 85.2%.

Herd Appraisal
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