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We are honored to be chosen as recipients of the American Jersey Cattle Association's most prestigious award - Master Breeder - for 2015. We send a special thanks to all who extended their congratulations for the achievement. CLICK HERE to read an article on the farm and the award.

We are proud of Lyon Apple, VG-88%, who made an Honor Roll Record for cheese yield (CY) production in the second quarter of 2016. The ME of her record is 25,333 - 1,318 - 894, with 3,094 CY. Production Laurels
Lyon Blair Elsie
Now Excellent-93%

We are thrilled with the results of our latest herd appraisal in June 2015, with 12 new Excellents! Lyon Blair Elsie and Lyon Action Borgny were both raised to
E-93% and Lyon Navara Cynara was raised to E-92%.

The farm is now home to 65 Excellent and 278 Very Good cows and the herd appraisal average is 85.2%.

Herd Appraisal
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