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Lyon Jerseys ranks nationally for its 2013 lactation average of 20,377M, 1,053F and 735P on 331 lactations. The herd ranks ninth in the nation for fat production among herds with 300-749 cows.

As well, several members of the herd earned distinctions for their production. CLICK HERE to see cows from the herd that completed
Hall of Fame or Honor Roll records in recent months.


Congratulations Ben Sauder, Tremont, IL, for success in the show with Lyon Duke Dutchy. She was named Junior All American Aged Cow at the All American Junior Jersey Show in Louisville, KY, in November.


Lyon Jerseys has a herd average JPI of +56 after the December 2013 genetic evaluations. Six members of the herd rank among the top 1.5% for JPI or Genomic JPI. CLICK HERE for details.

29JE3527 Lyon Impuls Amity is ranked #49 on the list of Active A.I. Jersey Bulls with a GJPI of +142. 29JE3752 Lyon Impuls Louie Chart ranks on among G-code bulls with a GJPI of +180. 11JE1113 Lyon I Louie Ebert and 11JE1051 Lyon Navara Carmel-ET are on the list of previous G-code bulls with respective GJPIs of +146 and +105.


December 2013 and January 2014

We have female pregnancies available out of Bachelors Sambo Emmy 661 (above) sired by “Premier,” “Lennox,” “Impress” and “Tequila.” Contact us for details by EMAIL or by calling 641/484-2299.

Emmy Pregnancies

We are thrilled with the results of our latest herd appraisal in July 2013, with 10 new Excellents and five first-calf heifers appraised VG-86% or higher! Lyon Rocket April and Lyon Iatola Conlee were both raised to E=92% and Lyon J Benny was appraised VG-88% in her first lactation.

The farm is now home to 61 Excellent and 244 Very Good cows and the herd appraisal average is 84.5%.

Herd Appraisal
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