We are fortunate to be able to work with cows from some of the Jersey breed's most respected farms, including Huffard Dairy Farms, Gaby Jersey Farm, Treasure Chest Jerseys and Oomsdale Farm. Some of the foundation cows on which we are building our own herd are shown below.

Freemans Vibrant JellyBean
E-90%, JH1F, JH2F

2-4 305 17,460 4.5% 784 3.4% 591

Jellybean was purchased at the Ohio Spring Classic Sale. Her dam is an E-91% Applejack daughter with three records over 20,000M.

Jellybean has heifer calves sired by Volcano and Charlemagne.


Schultz abe harmae
2-9 305 22,510 4.0% 897 3.4% 771

This is the family that produced the breed-leading bulls Harris and Hallmark.

Harmae has progeny by Charlemagne, Isaac, Leonel, Regency and Wildfire.

We currently have: JX LyleStanley Leonel Holly 2174 {4}-ET, GJPI +187 (5/17); Pharoah calves; and three Charlemagne yearlings.

Harmae's Third Dam (left):
Schultz Sooner Harmony
6-5 305 22,430 4.3% 963 3.7% 823

jx Oomsdale Louie Garyn Gina {4}-ET
GPTA +572M, +54F, +22P, GJPI +87 (7/17)

3-4 305 18,000 5.1% 909 3.4% 613
Honorable Mention Grand Champion, FL State Fair, 2013
1st Jr. 2-year-old, FL State Fair, 2013

Gina has daughters by Eddie, del Primero and Colton. A Regency out of one of Gina's Fasttrack daughters attracts a lot of attention from visitors.

Gina is out of JX Oomsdale Casey Iatola Garyn {3}, Excellent-90%, with 21,201M, 1,040F and 741P at 3-5.

JX Oomsdale Louie Garyn Geanna {4}-ET
GPTA +443M, +33F, +15P, GJPI +55 (7/17)

Unfortunately, we lost Geanna this year, but she left us with several Vernon calves in the heifer pens and two other daughters, pictured below.

Geanna's Daughter:
JX Lylestanley Mozart cornell {5}-ET

VG-82%, JH1F, JH2F
GPTA +369M, +46F, +18P, GJPI +98 (7/17)

She is currently contraced by ABS Global for a son by Volcano.

Geanna's Daughter:
JX Lylestanley eddie greecian 1832 {5}

VG-82%, JH1F, JH2F
GPTA +601M, +38F, +30P, GJPI +73 (7/17)
1st Summer Calf, Florida State Fair, 2015

Fairway View Glory-Twin
(pictured at 15 years-of-age)
6-8 305 25,390 3.9% 988 3.5% 883

Glory left us just before her 16th birthday. She is a maternal sister to Deacon-P and from the outcross polled line at Huffard Dairy Farms. She is leaving her open, dairy frame imprint on the herd in her daughters and granddaughters.

Glory's Daughter:
Lylestanley action gift-Et


Glory's Daughter:
Lylestanley Governor Gala 1418-Et


Glory's Daughter:
Lylestanley Tequil Tranquil 1509-Et

E-90% (second lactation), JH1F, JH2F

3-10 305 16,860 4.0% 679 3.3% 548
Reserve Grand Champion, Florida State Fair, 2015
1st 4-year-old, Florida State Fair, 2015
1st 5-year-old, Florida State Fair, 2016

Dottie is a third-generation Excellent sired by Bowtie. The next dam is 88 points, followed by two more Excellent dams.

Dottie is the dam of Hello Dolly, pictured below as a heifer and a very fresh milking yearling. She also has a Golda daughter just fresh, a strong, deep ribbed Del Primero yearling and sweet calves on the ground by Tequila, Colton and Motion. We currently have Fizz pregnancies and will continue flushing her.

Dottie's Daughter:
Lylestanley teq hello Dolly 3620
Supreme Junior Champion, Florida State Fair, 2016

She calves October 1 with a tall, wide-rumped Colton heifer calf. We are looking forward to watching this cow develop.

Hilmar Kilowatt 32102
(affectionately here referred to here as "Myfer")

GPTA +875M, +52F, +41P, GJPI +129 (7/17)
Ranked among top 1.5% for GJPI

Myfer was purchased at the 2011 All American Sale and proving to be one of our most valuable purchases. We were attracted to her open rib, flat bone and genomic potential. She calved in well, scored Excellent, has over 18,000M and works well in our flush program.

Sired by Fairway Klassic Kilowatt-ET, she consistently transmits high genomics and is a unique outcross package. As a result, she draws a great deal of stud interest.

This year's calves and their newest genomic information:

LyleStanley Volcano Maui 2319-ET, GJPI +125 (7/17)
JX LyleStanley Avon Mokena 2378 {3}-ET, GJPI +161
JX LyleStanley Avon Madero 2382 {3}-ET, GJPI +162
JX LyleStanley Halt Merida 2503 {6}, GJPI +143
JX LyleStanley Luke Milonga 2511 {3}-ET, GJPI +148
JX LyleStanley Luke Maddie 2517 {3}-ET, GJPI +172

We are milking daughters by Dominican and Chronicle and a sweet-uddered two-year-old by Valson. Marvels and Volcanos are in the heifer lots and hutches. We have pregnancies by Luke, Avon and Marlo.

Her Dominican daughter, LyleStanley Dominic Myferma 1451, sold in the Pot O'Gold Sale and now has a GJPI of +134. Her two full sisters are at home and have GJPIs of +133 and +130.

One of her Volcano daughters, LyleStanley Volcan Marthona 2325-ET, sold in the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale to Sexing Technologies, TX.

Myfer's Daughter:
LyleStanley chronicl myfury 1508-et

GPTA +718M, +33F, +24P, GJPI +109 (7/17)
3-2 290 17,760 4.9% 862 3.5% 627

Myfer's Daughter:
Lylestanley My Marvel 1488-ET

3-2 305 18,470 4.4% 819 3.8* 698

She was purchased by Sexing Technologies, San Antonio, TX, at the All American Jersey Sale in 2014. She has 21 registered progeny to date.

Myfer's Daughter:
Lylestanley Dominic Myferma 1451-ET

GJPI +134 (7/17)

2-2 276 18,530 4.8% 885 3.5% 655

She was purchased by Lilly Buchholz, Racine, WI, at the Pot O'Gold Sale in 2014.

BW Renegade Doro W192
(Pictured 3 weeks after calving)
VG-88%, JH1F, JH2F

2-11 305 17,910 4.4% 787 3.4% 606

Doro is from the well-known "Avery Katie" cow family at Brentwood Farms. We purchased her at The All American Jersey Sale in 2011.

Doro's daughters:
JX LyleStanley Leonel Dawn 2047, GJPI +146 (5/17)
JX LyleStanley Golda Damsel 1452
JX LyleStanley Avon Daltosa 2391 {3}-ET, PA JPI +147
JX LyleStanley Avon Debut 2394 {3}-ET, GJPI +147
JX LyleStandley Avon Discovery 2396 {3}-ET, PA JPI +147

Doro's Dam (left):
BW Legion Cleo ET631-ET

2-0 305 3x 24,360 4.1% 1,002 3.3% 807


Doro's Grandam (left):
BW Avery Katie ET121-ET

6-6 365 3x 36,530 4.8% 1,474 3.2% 1,172

She has 19 sons in A.I. sampling programs, including BW Academy-ET, who was syndicated at The All American Jersey Sale in 2008 to help fund Jersey Youth Academy.

Fairway Mor Lenda-ET
7-4 305 21,880 4.1% 898 3.5% 776

Lenda has a nice del Primero December calf.

Lenda's Dam (left):
Twin Haven Berretta Linda-ET

6-1 305 24,540 4.8% 1,179 3.8% 928


Schultz Hallmark Chill
5-1 305 23,240 4.0% 934 3.4% 784

Chill has been a very prolific purchase, giving us nine daughters to date. Daughters in our herd are sired by Action, Deacon-P, TBone, Dimension, GR Goose and Tequila.

She is the granddam of Schultz Legal Critic-P, the breed's former #1 polled G-code bull.

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