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Heading to the Ohio Spring Classic Sale on May 28 in Wooster. . . . .three genomic opportunities and two chances to bring home a member of our Dottie family.

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  Three genotyped heifers  

1) JX LyleStanley Luke Milan {3}
GJPI +153, DPR +2.4 (4/18)
Lot 52
Milan is an Uncle Luke daughter from one of our highest genomic families, headed by Milan’s second dam, Hilmar Kilowatt 32102 (fondly referred to here as Myfer). At E-93%, Myfer is Kilowatt’s highest-scoring daughter. Myfer’s dam is 91-point LyleStanley Chronicle Myfury 1508-ET. Myfury follows in her mother’s footsteps in consistency and conformation. This family consistently produces strong individuals with impressive genomic numbers.


Hilmar Kilowatt 32102

GPTA +916M, +57F, +47P, GJPI +143 (5/18)
5-11 305 20,123 4.8% 970 3.7% 744
Ranked among top 1.5% for GJPI


lylestanley chronicl myfury 1508-et

GPTA +708M, +31F, +25P, GJPI +112 (5/18)
3-02 290 17,760 4.9% 862 3.5% 627

2) LyleStanley Harris Malta 2606 {5}-ET
GJPI +155, +2.4 PL (5/18)
Lot 16
Here's another opportunity to add a Myfer granddaughter to your herd. This October 2017 Harris daughter is out of a Very Good Dominican.

3) JX LyleStanley Avon Galway 2597 {3}-ET
GJPI +146, DPR +0.2, +4.8 PL (5/18)
Lot 18
Galway's dam is a Fastrack out of a 91-point Louie pictured below. Next dam is an Excellent Iatola.

  jx Oomsdale Louie Garyn Gina {4}-ET
GPTA +673M, +57F, +24P, GJPI +86 (5/18)

3-4 305 18,000 5.1% 909 3.4% 613
Honorable Mention Grand Champion, FL State Fair, 2013
1st Jr. 2-year-old, FL State Fair, 2013
  from our dottie family  

An exciting addition to our herd a few years ago, Humming BT Finalist Dottie is becoming a very special brood cow.

4) LyleStanley Fizz Damsel 2588–ET
Lot 27
Dottie's special September Fizz calf . . . she's drawn a lot of interest from visitors.

5) LyleStanley Motion Devona 2376–ET
Lot 64
Dottie's yearling daughter by KCJF Mollys Ren Motion, due in late July to Applejack.

Shown below is Dottie’s conventional photo, made during her second lactation, and a pasture shot of her in her working clothes a few months later. Currently scored E-91% and just fresh, she will see an appraiser again in a few months.


3-10 305 16,860 4.0% 679 3.3% 548
Reserve Grand Champion, Florida State Fair, 2015
1st 4-year-old, Florida State Fair, 2015
1st 5-year-old, Florida State Fair, 2016


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