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The genomic evaluations are out and we couldn't be prouder of JX LyleStanley Daffy {3}, a Marlo daughter out of a Very Good-86% Magnum. The next dam is a Very Good-88% Dividend.

"Daffy" ranks on the list of the Top Females (Generation Count 3 and 4-6 with BBR 93 or Lower) with a GJPI of +187.

She is now owned by Alta Genetics. We appreciate their confidence in our breeding program and wish them the best with this outstanding heifer.


For the first time, LyleStanley Trace is offering a selection from our top cow families. We have consigned several head to the Southeast Jersey Invitational on September 15 at Sunny Day Farm in Chester, SC. Bid last on these lots to bring home our best. CLICK HERE to view the catalog online.

  Our Featured Consignment  

Seldom is there an opportunity to purchase a daughter of a 95-point cow backed by a 97-point, two-time National Grand Champion. Add to that the successes of Colton daughters and Casino’s popularity, and you have a truly unique chance to tie into a family that continually delivers top Jersey genetics.

Lylestanley tequila calista 2521-et


Lot 8
Born: January 1, 2017
Sire: Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET


Family Hill Comerica Chance-ET

7-7 305 18,330 6.3% 1,152 3.9% 713


Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus
6-4 305 22,920 4.5% 1,038 3.5% 813
2003 and 2006 National Grand Champion


Maternal Sister to Calista:
LyleStanley Colton Candace 2338-ET

See how similar these two maternal sisters look? 
Candace has two wins under her belt already this season.

  Another great opportunity  

From one of our highest genomic families, headed by Hilmar Kilowatt 32102 (fondly here called Myfer). Myfer maintains her place on the top 1.5% list for GJPI and was recently raised to Excellent-93%, making her Kilowatt’s highest-scoring daughter. This family consistently produces strong individualos with impressive genomic numbers.

  Hilmar Kilowatt 32102
GPTA +875M, +52F, +41P, GJPI +129 (7/17)
3-11 305 17,940 4.2% 757 3.4% 611
Ranked among top 1.5% for GJPI
From her family we send:
Selling: Selling: Selling:
JX Lylestanley luke maddie 2517 {3}-et

Lot 9
Myfer's December '16 Uncle Luke daughter
JX Lylestanley avon my ty
2349 {3}-et


Lot 17
Out of Myfer's VG-86% two-year-old
by Marvel
JX Lylestanley marlo moanna 2580 {3}-et

Lot 4
A February '17 Marlo out of Myfer's
Very Good Dominican daughter
  offerings from the dottie and gina families  

Lylestanley motion donlan 2379-ET


Lot 15
Born: October 15, 2016

From the Dottie family being developed here at LyleStanley. Five of her six closest dams are Excellent.

Dam: Maternal Sister:
3-10 305 16,860 4.0% 679 3.3% 548
Lylestanley teq hello
Dolly 3620
Very Good-87%
She was Supreme Junior Champion of the 2016 Florida State Fair and stood second in the strong 2016 New York Spring Show.
Selling: Selling: Family Matriarch:

JX Lylestanley Colton Geneseo 2550 {5}-ET
Lot 6
A January '17 Colton out of Gina

JX Lylestanley Regency Gaskin 2197 {6}-ET

Lot 27
December '15 Regency due in December to Halt. Out of a VG-84% Fastrack, then Gina.

jx Oomsdale Louie Garyn
Gina {4}-ET

3-4 305 18,000 5.1% 909 3.4% 613

  from the jellybean family  

Selling an Avon daughter out of Jellybean:

Freemans Vibrant Jellybean

2-4 305 17,460 4.5% 784 3.4% 591

  more genetic opportunities from our top cow families  

JX Lylestanley marlo kisco 2530 {3}
Lot 7
January '17 Marlo daughter out of a VG-82% Impressive Eddie. Third dam is Gabys Lemvig Kitten, E-90%, with 26,350M and 1,204F.


Fairway View Glory-Twin
6-8 305 25,390 3.9% 988 3.5% 883

Two sell from this cow family: a December '16 Tequila out of Glory's VG-88% Governor daughter and a granddaughter of Glory's Excellent-93% maternal sister by Jace, with 26,000M. Dam is a Vernon scored VG-86% as a two-year-old. Calf is sired by a Marvel son out of Myfer.


BW Renegade Doro W192

2-11 305 17,910 4.4% 787 3.4% 606

Selling is Doro's fall '16 daughter by Avon. Click here for more information about this cow family on our website.


Schultz Hallmark Chill
5-1 305 23,240 4.0% 934 3.4% 784

Selling a granddaughter by the Marvel son out of Myfer. Dam is an Applejack. Click here for more information about this cow family on our website.

Selling a Colton fall ’16 heifer out of a VG-86 Tequila out of an Excellent Action from the Roxy cow family, which has sent numerous bulls to A.I. The Tequila has two second-calf Deacon-P sisters scored E-90% and VG-87%.

Also selling a Regency yearling bred in May to Casino. Dam is an Axis daughter.


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