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Genomic Results
  The May genomic evaluations are out and we couldn't be prouder of LyleStanley Marlo Delia 2362 {3}, a Marlo daughter out of a Very Good-86% Magnum. The next dam is a Very Good-88% Dividend. "Delia" ranks #27 on the list of the Top Females (Generation Count 3 and 4-6 with BBR 93 or Lower) with a GJPI of +201.



Chance's September 2016 Colton Named Junior Champion 2017 Florida State Fair

95 points ... and ... 1,152F!

Family Hill Comerica Chance-ET
Fresh June 2015

7-7 305 18,330 6.3% 1,152 3.9% 713

We are excited to be working with Chance. She was scored E-93% when we bought her, was raised to E-94% and then raised again to E-95% in early May 2016.

Chance began this year's record in Virginia, moved to subtropical Florida a few months later and still finished with over 18,000M and 1,153F. We continue to be pleased with this beautifully-balanced, deep, open-ribbed cow with her ideal combination of dairy and strength.

Chance has Colton, Tequila and Motion calves in the heifer lots and pregnancies by Barnabas, Casino, Ladd and Tequila.

Chance's Daughter:
LyleStanley Colton Candace 2338-ET

Junior Champion, 1st Fall Heifer Calf
2017 Florida State Fair

Chance's Dam:
Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus
6-4 305 22,920 4.5% 1,038 3.5% 813
2003 and 2006 National Grand Champion, 2005 Reserve National Grand Champion

Other Members
of the Herd
During our recent herd appraisal, we gained seven new Excellents. Six previous Excellents were raised in final score, including Hilmar Kilowatt 32102, now E-92%. The herd includes 25 Excellents and 148 Very Goods and has an average of 84.4%
Hilmar Kilowatt 32102
(affectionately here referred to here as "Myfer")

GPTA +858M, +51F, +41P, GJPI +129 (5/17)
3-11 305 17,940 4.2% 757 3.4% 611
Ranked among top 1.5% for GJPI

Myfer's calves this year are sired by Avon, Halt and Uncle Luke. We are milking daughters by Dominican, Chronicle, Marvel and a sweet-uddered two-year-old by Valson.

Her Dominican daughter, LyleStanley Dominic Myferma 1451, sold in the Pot O'Gold Sale. A Volcano daughter, LyleStanley Volcan Marthona 2325-ET, sold in the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale to Sexing Technologies, TX.

Myfer continues to contribute more than we could have ever expected!

Myfer's Daughter:
LyleStanley chronicl myfury 1508-et

GPTA +739M, +33F, +25P, GJPI +112 (5/17)

3-2 290 17,760 4.9% 862 3.5% 627

BW Renegade Doro W192
(Pictured 3 weeks after calving)
VG-88%, JH1F, JH2F

2-11 305 17,910 4.4% 787 3.4% 606

Doro was also purchased in the 2011 All American Jersey Sale. She has ET calves by Charlemagne and Avon. Doro's yearling daughter, LyleStanley Leonel Dawn 2047-ET, GJPI +146, was fresh in December at 1-10 with a Regency heifer. Her daughter, LyleStanley Regency Drama 2451, has a GJPI of +158.

Doro's Dam:
BW Legion Cleo ET631-ET

2-0 305 3x 24,360 4.1% 1,002 3.3% 807

It was a sad day at LyleStanley when we laid one of our favorites to rest just shy of her 16th birthday. Glory was one of our original purchases from Huffard Dairy and is among the most influential lines in our herd today.

This family favorite adds to her legacy every time we score. This winter, her Action daughter, LyleStanley Action Gift, was raised to 92 points and her granddaughter, LyleStanley Celeb Graposa, added another Excellent to the family.

Fairway View Glory-Twin
6-8 305 25,390 3.9% 988 3.5% 883

For more information on Glory and her family on our website, click here.

Glory's Daughter:
Lylestanley action gift-Et


Freemans Vibrant Jellybean
E-90%, JH1F, JH2F

2-4 305 17,460 4.5% 784 3.4% 591

Jellybean was purchased at the Ohio Spring Classic Sale. Her dam is an E-91% Applejack daughter with three records over 20,000M.

Jellybean has heifer calves sired by Volcano and Charlemagne.



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