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Welcome to the site of the Iowa Jersey Cattle Club (IJCC), a membership organization of people who have an interest in the high-component, efficient Jersey dairy cow.

Dairy farms bring great economic benefit to local communities and contribute tremendously to the economy of the state, with annual production of 540 million gallons of milk in 2014. The Hawkeye State ranks fourth in the country for ice cream production and sixth for cottage cheese and American cheese. The creation of these tasty products is boosted from the rich, nutritious milk produced by Jersey producers in Iowa.

Iowa Jersey juniors fared well in the queen contest in recent years. Congratulations
to Mikayla Lien, left, who was crowned 2014-15 Iowa Dairy Princess, and
Rylie Pflughaupt, right, named 2014-16 Iowa Dairy Princess Alternate.

Iowa is home to some of the country's leading Registered Jersey herds, including the state's leading herd for Jersey Performance Index (JPI), the 28-cow herd owned by Nathan Franck of Newhall. The herd ranks #3 in the nation as well with an average JPI of +110 after the December 2016 genetic evaluations (100% have been genotyped).

Three Iowa Jersey herds rank nationally for production averages. The Maxwell herd of Donahue ranks 2nd for milk, 4th for fat and 3rd for protein (herds with 150-299 cows) with a 2015 lactation average of 22,764M, 1,071F and 823P on 225 cows. Summit Farms Inc., Lester, ranks 7th for milk and 9th for fat in the same category with an average of 21,364M, 1,023F and 777P on 210 cows. The Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation, Calmar, ranks sixth for milk, third for fat and fifth for protein (herds with 40-79 cows) with an average of 22,434M, 1,154F and 855P on 48 cows.

The Iowa Jersey Cattle Club publishes a magazine, the Iowa Jersey Today, three times a year and offers active and associate memberships. Click on the "Publications and Forms" link on the left to view current and past issues of the magazine.

Jerseys in the Spotlight

Schulte Bros Teq Euphoria-ET
2016 Reserve All American Junior Calf
Owned by Schulte Brothers, Blairstown, IA

Lyon Duke Dutchy
2013 Junior All American Aged Cow
Owned by Ben Sauder, Tremont, IL
Bred by Lyon Jerseys, Toledo, IA
Gadget Jade of Edgebrook
Overall Premier Performance Cow, All American Jersey Show and All American Junior Jersey Show, 2010
Owned by Tera Koebel, Three Oaks, MI
Bred by Patty Dilly, Montour, IA
Fredestel Laser P Nelly Bly
2010 Reserve Junior All American Aged Cow
Owned by Andy Sauder, Tremont, IL
Bred by Mark Metzger, Larchwood, IA

Over the years, many Iowa Jersey breeders have been recognized for their achievements and leadership abilities. A former executive secretary of the American Jersey Cattle Association (Maurice Core) hails from Iowa, as do seven past directors. Jersey breeder G. Joe Lyon, Toledo, has presided over both the AJCA and National All-Jersey Inc. and was honored with the Distinguished Service Award in 1987. Lyon Jerseys LLC, owned by Joe and his son, Eric, and nephew, Stuart, received the AJCA Master Breeder award in 2015.

Two juniors have topped the National Youth Achievement Contest (Robert Lyon in 1967 and Jerry Hatfieldin 1980). Fourteen have been presented with the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder award, including Kevin and Cari Knapp of Larchwood in 2011 and Nathan and Abby Cline of Decorah and Tim Covington of Leon in 2010.

National Recognition

Kara Maxwell, Donahue, right, was named second alternate in the National Jersey Queen Contest in 2015. Lyon Jerseys LLC, owned by Stuart, Joe and Eric Lyon, was named AJCA Master Breeder in 2015. Click here to read more about the business.
Gene "Bambi" Henderson, Manchester, center, was named the 11th recipient of the Max Gordon Recognition Award. Click here to read more about Henderson. Dana Metzger, Rock Rapids, was named winner of National Dairy Shrine's Progressive Dairy Producer award (large herds) in 2013. Click here to read more about his operation.
Norman Nabholz, West Union, was named the 10th recipient of the Max Gordon Recognition Award. Click here for an article on Nabholz and the award.
Knapp Family
Kara Maxwell, Donahue, topped the 2011 National Jersey Youth Production Contest with Cinnamon Ridge Rasmus Lily. Click here for an article on Kara and the other winners of the national youth production contests. Kevin and Cari Knapp, Larchwood, were named AJCA Young Jersey Breeders for 2011. Click here for more information on their operation.
Brian and Heidi Latzky, Hawkeye, were named 2009 Progressive Dairy Producers (herds under 300 cows) by the National Dairy Shrine. Click here for an article in the Jersey Journal. Maurice Core was named 2009 World Dairy Expo Industry Person of the Year. Click here for a report carried in the Jersey Journal.

Click here for a listing of Jersey enthusiasts who have served or been recognized by the national Jersey organizations.

Iowa Jersey breeders have also been honored with state awards, including the Iowa Distinguished Dairyman Award, the Ralph Keeling Leadership Award and the Robert Massee Sportsmanship Award. To learn more about these awards and Jersey recipients, click here. click here.