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January: "Harris" Shines at the All American
February: Maintaining Popularity
March: Our Top Producing Cows of 2015
April: Great Appraisal Day
May: Dynamic Cousins
June: Thriving Family
July: Sky High GJPI

January: Strong Maternal Lines
February: Great Bull Mothers, Great Cows
March: Great Cows = Great Offspring
April: Strong Maternal Lines
May: An Exciting Young Cow
June: Deep Roots
July: Strong Maternal Lines-Linda
August: She'll Stay in the South
September: A Time Tested Family
October: Great Appraisal Day
November: She's Polled and Lookin' Good
December: "Harmony's" Influence Around the World

January: In Memory of Ted Luther
February: A Herd Favorite
March: A Leading Family
April: Another Top Polled Bull
May: Eight Generations Excellent
June: You Will Find Approval in these Two
June Full Page: Good Bulls Sire Great Daughters; A Great Bull Transcends Generations
July: A Cut Above
August: A Big Thanks
September: #1 G Code Bull
October: An Exciting Young Cow
November: Leading Polled Genetics
December: Holiday Wishes
January: Genomics: Validating the Merit of the Cindy Family
February: A Fan of Polled Genetics
March: 2-Year-Olds Making a Good Impression
April: Our Newest Excellents
May: From Action's Maternal Line
June: Congratulations
July: Changing the Head of the Jersey Breed
August: Influencing Marketing
September: Influencing Productive Life
October: Influencing the Next Generation
November: Our Influence at Select Sires
December: Holiday Wishes
January: Just Released
February: Production...Polled...Complete package!
March: Familiar Families
April: Charge Up with Kilowatt
May: Up and Coming
June: Our Top 10
July: A True Asset
August: Proving Her Worth
September: Congratulations
October: Top 500 GJPI Female and She's Polled
November: The Cindy Family has Leading Genomics
December: 'Tis the Season to be Thankful
January: Two Brothers
February: Still Making Headlines
March: Production-Pure Genetics Give Us Great Results
April: Top Polled Genetics
May: Superb Brood Cow
June: Transmitting Proof
July: An Exciting Young Sire - Critic
August: Looking Forward to Her Future
September: An Exciting Young Sire - Henrico
October: Put Confidence in Your Breeding Program
November: An Exciting Young Cow
December: Merry Christmas to All
January: A Cow Family in Complete Harmony
February: Making Headlines
March: Spring Milk
April: One Hot Cow Family
May: Improve Lifetime Profits
June: She's Just That Good
July: Proven Family
August: Fairway Jace Dolli
September: Our Six Pack
October (H & H Jerseys): Tried and True
October: Ripe for the Picking
November: The Fall Chill is in the Air
December: 'Tis the Season
January: A New Sire in Town
February: Today's "H" Family
April: Bull Mothers Doing Great
May: New Appraisal Results
June: A Great Maternal Line
July: The Sires for the Next Generation
August: New York Acknowledgements
September: Headline News
October (Mountain High Jerseys):
All American Sale Consignment
October (Fairway Jerseys): Pot O'Gold Consignment
November: Barn Notes
December: Happy Holidays
November: Jace Daughters
December: A Blessed Holiday Season
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