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Huffard Dairy Farms is located in the mountains of southwest Virginia and has been in the family for more than 200 years.  Our grandfather, James Schultz Huffard, Sr., acquired Registered Jerseys in 1929.  His philosophy of breeding for profitable production and sound, functional type continues today at Schultz Jerseys.

In 2008, James S. Huffard III was named AJCA Master Breeder. Click here to read an article published in the Jersey Journal. In 2012, he was named Distinguished Cattle Breeder by the National Dairy Shrine. Click here to read more about Huffard and that award.

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Huffard Dairy Farms is a long-time contributor to Project Equity, marking 30 years of continuous contributions to the program in 2010. In keeping with our belief in our product, we joined forces with fellow Jersey breeder, Joey Blankenship, and his uncle, Dan Slemp, to bottle All-Jersey milk at Duchess Dairy. We purchased the dairy in Rural Retreat, VA, in December 2009 and began bottling in January 2010. Click here to visit the Duchess Dairy website.

At Huffard Dairy Farm, 350 cows are milked twice a day.  All milking cows are housed as one group and fed a total mixed ration consisting of corn silage, alfalfa haylage, high moisture corn and grains.  The grain mix consists of soybean meal, distillers grains and other concentrate, commodity and by-pass sources.

Over 400 head of young stock are also housed and raised on the farm.

Fairway Jerseys are housed here and is a partnership between Dr. Joe Lineweaver and Huffard Dairy Farms.

Schultz Jersey genetics has also been influential in the A.I. industry, through proven and sampling sires.

Directions to our farm can be found by using the Jersey Directory online. We are visible and easily accessible from Interstate 81, just three miles from Exit 60.

Stop by for a visit! We love to talk about Jerseys and genetic. Or, if there is something we haven't included that you would like to discuss, just click here to send us an email.

Current Herd Averages

December 2014 Appraisal Average: 83%
Includes 53 Excellent and 302 Very Good cows

2014 AJCA Lactation Average:
366 Cows: 17,822M, 845F and 627P

April 2015 PTA Averages:
447 Cows: +203M +3F +6P, JPI +22 (19% genotyped)
Ranked among the top 25% of REAP herds in the nation for JPI

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