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Schultz Hallmark Kitten
4-4 305 19,780 5.2% 1,019 4.0% 790

"Kitten" currently has five sons in A.I.: 200JE951 Fairway Morgan Kremlin-ET at Semex; 1JE643 Fairway Kingston-ET at Genex/CRI; 29JE3541 Fairway Klipper-ET at ABS Global, 29JE3541 Fairway Klassic Kilowatt-ET at Alta Genetics and Fairway J Krucial-ET at Alta Genetics.

Her Daughter

Fairway Morgan Kitty-ET
Larger Image - Pedigree
4-4 305 24,510 4.6% 1,128 3.5% 861
Honor Roll Record with 3,027CY

"Kitty" is the dam of 1JE721 Fairway Country Kairo at Genex/CRI.

Twin Haven Berretta Linda-ET

Twin Haven Berretta Linda-ET
6-1 305 24,540 4.8% 1,179 3.8% 920

"Linda" has sons at Select Sires, Genex/CRI and Accelerated Genetics.  She also has 11 milking daughters with records to 22,100M, 1,100F and 860P. Six are appraised Excellent and three are Very Good. "Linda's" descendents are among the best animals in the herd.


Schultz Hallmark Chill
5-1 305 23,240 4.0% 934 3.4% 784
Owned by Lylestanley Trace LLC, FL

"Chill" is now in the donor dam program at Lylestanley Trace. Her dam is an E-90% "Winkler" daughter and her grandam is a VG-88% "Berretta" daughter. She is from the same cow family as Schultz Barber Chill, E-90%, with 26,310M, 1,153F and 853P in 305 days at 4-7.

Her Daughter

Schultz Mygent chilli-p
Larger Image - Pedigree
3-11 291 20,270 5.0% 1,014 3.6% 730
Owned by Neal and Melanie Hunter, Hometown Jerseys, ON

"Chilli" has a polled son, 7JE1044 Schultz Jevon Chili-P,
at Select Sires. Another son, 11JE1098 Schultz Legal Critic-P, is the breed's former high polled G-code bull.

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