Schultz Performing Legend (11J354)
Our most prominent animal


"Legend" was in active A.I. service for 11 years.  His semen has been used worldwide and continues to sire show winners and production leaders.

The 2003 Reserve National Grand Champion Cow, Potwell SP
Legends Barb 17J,  is a "Legend" daughter.

Schultz Brook Hallmark (29JE3114)


"Hallmark" is one of the most heavily used service sires today, with more than 6,000 daughters in 1,000 herds. In 2002, he was the most heavily-used sire of sons, with 219 sons registered with the American Jersey
Cattle Association (AJCA).

The reigning World Fat Champion, Norse Star Hallmark Bootie, and the former World Protein Champion, QA/WF Hallmark Delirious, are both "Hallmark" daughters.

"Hallmark" daughters are also beginning to show their longevity, with three daughters placing among the top 10 in the 2012 AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest. Lagerways Hallmark Redrose, E-91%, topped all divisions of the contest with 275,180M, 12,851F and 9,531P in 3,317 days.

Her herdmate, Mainstream Hallmark Serena, E-90%, placed third for milk and protein and fourth for fat with 244,470M, 11,962F and 9,215P in 2,653 days.

Van De Hallmark Ultra Ultimate, E-90%, owned by Matt Boyce and Family, Alliance, OH, placed ninth for milk and eighth for protein with 230,276M, 10,523F and 8,641P in 3,732 days.

"Hallmark" is backed by "Brass Major" x "Sooner" x "Duncan" x
Quicksilver Noble x Favorite Secret Triumph.

Schultz Rescue Headline (29JE3510)

GPTA +1264M +13F +23P +301CM$ +359NM$ +414FM$
Type +1.4, GJPI +135 (12/13), JH1F


"Headline" made his debut on the list of Active A.I. Jersey Sires ranked #2 in April 2009 and now is ranked #57 for the index after the December 2013 genetic evaluations. He is a "Rescue" son out of Schultz Avery Harm-ET and from the same cow family as "Hallmark."

"Headline" is following in the footsteps of "Hallmark" as a breed-leading sire of sons. In 2010, he sired more registered sons than any other Jersey bull. In 2011, he ranked fourth in terms of number of registered sons.

Fairway Klassic Kilowatt-ET (11JE291)

GPTA +280M +38F +23P +486CM$ +414NM$ +349FM$
Type -0.2, GJPI +146 (12/13), JH1F


"Kilowatt" currently ranks #44 among Active A.I. sires.

Schultz Deacon Retreat-P-ET (29JE3526)

GPTA +955M +14F +17P +102CM$ +137NM$ +164FM$
Type +0.8, GJPI +62 (12/13), JH1F


"Retreat" made his debut on the list of Active A.I. Jersey Sires after the January 2010 genetic evaluations. He is a polled  "Deacon" son out of Schultz Hallmark Renae and a maternal brother to "Restore."

Fairway Mygent Dallas-PP (7JE953)

GPTA +590M +5F +18P +48CM$ +63NM$ +94FM$
Type +0.6, GJPI +48 (12/13), JH1F


"Dallas" is a "Mygent" son out of Fairway Kody Dalli-P, who is a maternal sister to "Deacon-P."

Fairway Topkick Deacon-P (76JE140))

GPTA +688M +8F +10P -18CM$ +23M$ +64FM$
Type +1.4, GJPI +30 (12/13), JH1F


"Deacon" is available from Taurus Service. He is a son of Adonis Dally of Ash-Go-P, Excellent-91%, with a unique sire lineup.

Click on the links below to view our advertisement in the June 2008 issue of the Jersey Journal, featuring "Deacon."

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"Deacon's" Daughters:

Schultz Deacon Cedar-P
Very Good-88%
4-1 296 23,720 3.9% 916 3.1% 728

Schultz Deacon Rene-P-ET
Very Good-85%
2-9 305 20,960 3.7% 779 3.1% 657

G-Code Bulls

Schultz Legal Critic-P (11JE1098)

GPTA +912M +40F +36P +484CM$, +441NM$, +407FM$
Type +1.8, GJPI +180 (12/13), JH1C


From the "Chill" cow family. He is available from Alta/Jerseyland Sires. "Critic-P" was the fourth leading sire of sons in 2012, with 113 sons registered with the AJCA.

Schultz Volcano Harris (29JE3866)

GPTA +1733M +62F +58P +594CM$, +557NM$, +533FM$
Type +1.6, GJPI +232 (12/13), JH1C


"Harris" ranks #10 among G-code bulls.

Schultz Critic Ray-P (76JE169)

GPTA +1487M +36F +40P +455CM$, +465NM$, +478FM$
Type +1.8, GJPI +191 (12/13), JH1F


Other Greats in A.I.

Fairway Klassic Delta-P PEDIGREE
11JE921 Fairway Klassic Kilowatt-ET PEDIGREE
H&B Alf Paragon (29JE3161) PEDIGREE
Schultz Declo Rescue (29JE3252) PEDIGREE
Schultz Dudley Restore (29JE3360) PEDIGREE
Schultz Kendall Handle (11JE886 PEDIGREE
Schultz Lester Shane (9JE129 PEDIGREE
Schultz Paragon Redwood (11JE769 PEDIGREE



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