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Heartland Dispersal
April 23-24, 2015

In 2015, we will write a new chapter in our lives and disperse our entire herd of Registered Jerseys. Mark your calendar now for this pure-production event, which will offer 700 head.

Stay tuned to our website and Jersey Journal ads for details leading up to this event. CLICK HERE to view our December ad, with introductory remarks about the sale.


Jersey Journal
Great Cow Contest

Make sure you place your vote by midnight on March 16, 2015.

Heartland Jerseys has nominated two homebred matriarchs for the contest...


Heartland Nathan Texas-ET

CLICK HERE to learn more about the "Texas" cow family on our website.


Heartland Artist Salina

CLICK HERE to learn more about the "Salina" cow family on our website.

CLICK HERE to see more details about both cow families in our February Jersey Journal ad.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Great Cow Contest and for links to vote online. Be sure to vote for "Texas" and "Salina" as finalists in this first round.

You can also vote by mailing a paper ballot from the February 2015 issue of the Jersey Journal.


TJF/Lee Action Mamme 847-ET
Now E-92%

Herd Appraisal

The herd was appraised in November 2014 and we are happy with the results. Heartland Impuls Region and TJF/Lee Action Mamme 847-ET were both raised to E-91% and Heartland Legal Goldie was appraised E-90%. The herd now includes 13 Excellent and 164 Very Good cows and has an appraisal average of 81.5%.


Heartland Fastrack Hannah
GJPI +205

Heartland Jerseys is ranked #17 in the country for Jersey Performance Index (JPI) with a herd average JPI of +101 on 190 cows (8/14). Thirty-twp cows in the herd rank among the breed's top 1.5% for traditional JPI or Genomic JPI.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of our leading genetic cows and heifers.

As well, five Heartland-bred bulls rank on the current list of G-code bulls: Heartland Irwin Texas-ET, GJPI +236; Heartland Topeka Nolan-ET, GJPI +214; Heartland Fastrack Thor-ET, GJPI +174; Heartland Merchant Topeka-ET, GJPI +173; and Heartland Mrchnt Toronto-ET, GJPI +148.

GR Heartland Gan Ted-1736-ET is the breed's #6 Active A.I. bull with a GJPI of +207.

Production Laurels

We are proud to rank eighth in the nation for fat production among our peers (herds with 150-299 cows) with a 2013 lactation average of 19,112M, 982F and 726P on 253 cows.

As well, we are proud of the members of the milking string at Heartland Jerseys that made Hall of Fame and Honor Roll records. CLICK HERE to see them.


Several Jersey breeders have requested to view the extended lineage of Heartland Merchant Topeka-ET. Click on the links below to view his lineage.

Heartland Merchant Topeka-ET and his dam (Heartland Nathan Texas-ET) and grandam (Heartland Mor Tulsa).

"Topeka's" third (Heartland Mannix Tyme), fourth and fifth dams.

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