What's New at Gaby Jersey Farm
Buckeye Production Sale
June 16, 2018
Wooster, OH

Look for the 31 head we are sending to the Buckeye Production Sale, including these highlights:

JX Gabys Messie Maple {6}
Pedigree | Online Catalog
A Messi daughter bred in March to Arrowhead.

JX Gabys Avon Diane {3}
Pedigree | Online Catalog
An Avon from our Dema cow family. Due to Arrival in late October.

Gabys Nxlevel Bella
Pedigree | Online Catalog
A Nxlevel from our Ballet cow family. Due to Arrival in September.
Southeast Jersey Classic
September 10, 2018
Sunny Day Farm,
Chester, SC

We are also consigning 20 head to the Southeast Jersey Classic Sale. Some of the highlights include these standouts:

JX Gabys Dimension Arlene {6}
A Dimension that traces to JX Gabys Artist Ambrosia. Due early November to Antidote.

Gabys Nxlevel Ashley
Also from the Roxy family. Due in September to Rescue.

JX Gabbys Avon Bonnie {3}-Twin
An Avon from our Ballet cow family. Due to Arrowhead in December.

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