What's New at Dutch Hollow Farm
Heading to Louisville
  Look for these consignments to the All American and Pot O'Gold Sales in November in Louisville, KY. . .
Selling in the All American Sale, November 6:
Dutch Hollow Harris Molly {5} (lot 2)
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#8 GJPI female in the breed at +236! Sired by Harris and out of our Mischief cow family.
Selling in Pot O'Gold Sale, November 5:
Dutch Hollow MacKenzie Katerina {6} (lot 15P)
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A December calf out of an E-90% Valentino with 23,000M and then three VG dams with more than 20,000M.
  Click here for more information on both consignments, featured in our October Jersey Journal ad.

Congratulations Dutch Hollow juniors for your accomplishments in national youth competitions.

Emily Chittenden (left) won the 2015 National Youth Achievement Contest and received the Russell-Malnati Scholarship for Advanced Studies. She also placed seventh in Division I of the National Youth Production Contest with Dutch Hollow Dimension Dollee.

Meagan Chittenden placed fifth in the youth achievement contest.

Click here to see our September Jersey Journal ad, which highlights the accomplishments of the third generation of Jersey breeders at Dutch Hollow Farm. Click here to read Emily's story about Jerseys, published in the same issue of the Journal.

Genetic Evaluations

Several members of the herd rank among the best for Genomic Jersey Performance Index (GJPI) after the August and October 2016 genetic evaluations. Click here to see the leading genetic ladies at Dutch Hollow Farm.

As well, six Dutch Hollow-bred bulls rank on the list of Active A.I. Jersey bulls, including the #5 bull for JPI, Dutch Hollow Vigilance-ET, and the #10 bull, Dutch Hollow Clearvision-ET. Dutch Hollow Oliver-P is the #2 polled bull. Three Dutch Hollow bulls rank on the list of the current G-code bulls.

Herd Appraisal

The herd was scored in May 2016, with eight new Excellents. DUTCH HOLLOW GOLDA HALEYANNA {4} and DUTCH HOLLOW HEADLINE RESA were appraised E-92%. Dutch Hollow Farm is now home to 64 Excellent and 515 Very Good cows and has an appraisal average of 83.1%.

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