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Dixieland Jersey Sires

Membership Agreement for Participating Herd
Dixieland Jersey Sires Progeny Testing Program

DIXIELAND JERSEY SIRES is a duly organized cooperative of owners of Jersey cattle. Its objective is to cooperatively sample and prove additional young Jersey sires in order to provide superior genetic material for the continued improvement of the Jersey breed.

Membership is made available to qualifying participants owning Jersey cattle in whose herds the bulls under the ownership of DIXIELAND JERSEY SIRES may be sampled.

This agreement is therefore entered into this __________________ day of
_______________, 2_____, and between DIXIELAND JERSEY SIRES , further
referred to as DJS, and _______________________________________, further referred to as Member

It is agreed between the two parties as follows: DJS will identify young Registered Jersey sires worthy of sampling based on genetic evaluation of pedigree information. DJS will acquire title to selected bulls as outlined in the DJS Settlement Agreement.

1. DJS will arrange with a reputable AI organization to collect, process, store and distribute semen from DJS sampling sires to the Member.

2. DJS will distribute 5 to 10 units of semen per sampling sire to an adequate number of randomly selected participating herds. Semen will be distributed at the rate of at least 10 units of sampling sire semen per 30 AI bred females or major fraction thereof in the participating herds each sampling year. For example, a herd numbering 90 AI bred females would be allocated at least 30 units of sampling sire semen each year.

3. Member agrees to place the herd on continuous official DHIA or DHIR production testing.

4. Member agrees to allow access of DHIA records through the Dairy Records Processing Center by the Board of Directors of DJS for the purpose of monitoring semen use, conception and offspring of DJS sires.

5. Member agrees to participate in Type Trait Appraisal as necessary to obtain type information suitable for AJCC Sire Summaries.

6. Member agrees to keep adequate records to ensure positive identification of daughters of DJS bulls and their contemporaries.

7. Member agrees to establish priority in the timely use of the distributed sampling sire semen.

8. Member agrees to avoid premature culling of young sire daughters before adequate performance information is obtained.

9. DJS agrees that all proceeds from the sale or lease of a successfully proven bull will become the income of the DIXIELAND JERSEY SIRES cooperative, excluding that agreed to in the original purchase/settlement agreement between DJS and procurement source of the young bull. DJS revenue exceeding operating costs and maintenance of a reasonable reserve shall be returned as a dividend on a pro rata basis to eligible participating members as determined by the Board of Directors of DJS.

10. Member agrees to pay a membership fee to DJS, the first year, in the amount of $25.00 per herd beginning in 1987. Membership fees will be assessed on January 1, of each succeeding year as determined necessary by the Board of Directors and will not exceed $50.00 per herd per year. Failure to pay assessments shall constitute termination of membership in DJS.

11. Both parties agree this agreement in no way implies a partnership between the two parties; or restraint on either party carrying on his/her respective business or having full control of activities performed by him/her under this Agreement.

12. Member shall give written notice to the Board of Directors indicating intent to discontinue membership. Furthermore, neither shall be liable for injury, or damage to person or property caused by the other, his/her employees, agents or servants.

Having agreed to the terms and conditions set forth, both confirm this by the signatures affixed below.


_______________________________________ BY

____________________________________, Member

_______________________________________ BY

____________________________________, Dixieland Jersey Sires

Mailing Address of Member:



Telephone of Member ______________________________________

Number of AI-bred Females in Member’s Herd ___________________

DHIA/DHIR Herd Code Number ______ — ______ — ____________

Tax Identification Number of Member, Partnership or Corporation


Return to Dixieland Jersey Sires, Inc., Attn: Cari W. Wolfe, Administrator; 6486 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-2362. A duplicate copy will be returned to you for your records.