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Jim Huffard

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Veronica Steer

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Dr. John Wilk

Cari W. Wolfe
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Dixieland Jersey Sires

Sampling Sires
Young bulls come into the sampling rotation throughout the year. These are the bulls you would have the opportunity to help prove if you became a member of DJS today.

Available Bulls
Name Number Status

Sugar Grove Louie Lingo-ET
Louie x Abe x Stealth

7JE1101 Recently sampled
TC 1709 Impressive Eddie
14JE622 Currently sampling

Sugar Grove Valentino Axis
Valentino x Restore x Avery
Born June 2012

7JE1274 Soon to be sampled; currently with Select Sires in collection

Will Do Valentino Warrant-ET
Rebel x Valentino x Rescue
Born October 2012

14JE628 Soon to be sampled; currently with Accelerated Genetics in collection