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Jim Huffard

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Dr. John Wilk

Cari W. Wolfe
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Dixieland Jersey Sires

Dixieland Jersey Sires, Inc. (DJS), is an organization which samples and proves Jersey bulls of high genetic merit. DJS was organized in 1985 as an agricultural cooperative. Our 89 active members make us the second largest regional young sire sampling group in the country. Since Dixieland Jersey Sires Inc. was established, members have shared in more than $287,800. In 2012, there was $19,842.53 in net income distributed to members, with an average check in the amount of $354.33. As of August 2013:
  • over 120 young sires have been sampled,
  • 112 bulls have received USDA genetic evaluations and
  • 24 bulls have entered Active AI service.

Take a look around to see what Dixieland Jersey Sires is doing now. We invite you to join us and reap the benefits of young sire use!

High-Performance Daughter of a DJS Young Sire

Daughter of Calamitys Action Campbell-ET

Forest Glen Campbell Allie
Very Good-86%
3-10 304 16,130 5.4% 869 3.9% 635

Owned by Dan K. Bansen, Dayton, OR

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