Members of the "C" Family
Den-Kel Hank Clarissa

Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-0 305 21,890 5.8% 1,262 4.0% 884

"Clarissa" has a unique pedigree, backed by Hank of D&E-P-ET, HL Captain Clarence, HL Berretta Patron and Comfort Pal Adonis-ET on the maternal side. She is from the "Gunda" cow family that traces to Daniel Jupiter Gunda seven generations back.

Her three daughters are sired by "Sugardaddy," "Jimmy" and "Louie."

Claire Clarissa's Daughter
Den-Kel Jimmy Claire

Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-7 305 23,040 5.2% 1,202 3.6% 820

Daughters out of Clarissa's Maternal Sister
Den-Kel Louie Clarabelle

Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-0 305 22,190 5.7% 1,257 3.9% 856

Her son, Den-Kel Legal Clause, is at Select Sires.

She has daughters by "Legal," "Valentino," "Medalist" and "Dimention." All are genetic superstars in our heifer pens. Four have been genotyped: Denkel Dimention Charm-ET, Den-Kel Valentino Calicia-ET, Den-Kel Cynthia-ET and Denkel Medalist Celato-ET. "Cynthia" has three contracts.

"Clarabelle's" dam, Den-Kel Clarence Clarice, VG-84%, has two records over 20,000M. Her grandam is a VG-80% "Patron" with five lactations - four of them over 23,000M.


Clarabelle's Maternal Sister
Den-Kel Jacinto Condoleeza

Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-0 305 20,450 5.4% 1,095 4.0% 826
Honor Roll Record with 3,040C (ME)
5-1 305 22,410 4.8% 1,081 4.0% 901

"Condoleeza" is one of our up-and-coming young cows and we are expecting great things from this fancy cow.


From the Same Maternal Line
Den-Kel Champ Garbo

Pedigree | Larger Photo
GPTA +307M, +34F, +22P, GJPI +93 (6/16)
1-10 305 18,810 5.7% 1,066 3.7% 704
Honor Roll Record with 3,215C (ME)

"Garbo" is backed by seven dams that are Very Good or Excellent with records exceeding 21,000M. She freshened with her first calf in February 2012.

Her lineage converges with that of her cousins three generations back to Osceola Adonis Sweet A 718-ET, VG-87%, purchased in 1996 from Robert and Janet Baker, Enumclaw, WA. "Garbo's" grandam is a maternal sister to "Clarissa's" grandam.


Den-Kel Hallmark Plaid
Pedigree | Larger Photo
2-10 301 22,780 4.1% 927 3.5% 803

This is one of our oldest cow families, tracing to Sooner Calico of Sunny Rox, who was purchased from Edward and Carol Kahler of Keymar, MD, in 1993. This cow family includes the only dam and daughter to win the National Jersey Jug Futurity - Gaywinds Saint Crissy in 1986 and Gaywinds Duncan Cris-ET in 1993.

"Plaid" has just one daughter in the herd, Den-Kel Saturn Cashmere, shown below.


Plaid's Daughter
Den-Kel Saturn Cashmere
Pedigree | Larger Photo
7-2 305 24,470 4.7% 1,146 3.7% 908
Hall of Fame Record with 3,093C

"Cashmere" has two daughters - a September 2007 daughter by Den-Kel Abe Synergy and a September 2008 daughter by "Blackstone," pictured below.

Cashmere's Daughter
Den-Kel Blackstone Cheerio
Pedigree | Larger Photo
1-8 305 16,890 5.6% 944 3.7% 630
Honor Roll Record with 3,055C (ME)

Members of the Margie Family
Den-Kel Magnet Moon-P

Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-3 305 19,470 5.3% 1,036 3.7% 72

We purchased "Moon's" third dam, Meadoway Lester Margie, VG-87%, from The All American Jersey Sale in 2007. "Moon's" dam, Den-Kel Jordan Michele, E-91%, has nine lactations - three of them over 21,000M. Her grandam is an E-90% "Berretta" daughter with two records over 20,000M.


Moon's Great-granddaughter
Den-Kel Blackstone Marble

Pedigree | Larger Photo
1-08 305 16,530 4.9% 812 3.5% 581

"Marble" is a granddaughter of "Michele." Her dam, Den-Kel Artist Mudflap, VG-88%, made 19,470M, 940F and 689P in her second lactation.



Den-Kel Lemvig Game
Pedigree | Larger Photo
2-11 305 20,730 5.3% 1,106 4.1% 858

We are expecting great things from this cow family. "Game" has a son, Den-Kel Kirk Poker-P-E, at Select Sires and three daughters.

Her daughter, Den-Kel Brazo Bingo-ET, VG-80%, recently completed her third lactation with 21,880M, 1,131F and 857P. Her second and third lactations are both Honor Roll records at 3,259 CY and 3,042 CY (ME), respectively.


BW Parade Terri D492
Pedigree | Larger Photo
2-10 305 23,570 3.9% 915 3.6% 858

"Terri" was purchased from Brentwood Farms, Orland, CA, in 2003. She has proven to be a sound investment, with four lactations and four daughters by "Roulette," "Blair," "Matinee" and "Maxxum."


Terri's Granddaughter
Den-Kel Applejack Tinsel-P

Pedigree | Larger Photo
15,938 - 720 - 594 ME on three lactations
Owned by Steve Rowley, Foxworth, MS

"Tinsel" is out of a VG-85% "Maxxum-P" daughter with a two lactation m.e. average of 18,697 - 909 - 662.


Summetz Lennox Doris Danea-ET
Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-2 305 21,280 4.9% 1,033 3.7% 779

We purchased "Danea" from Summit Farm, Lester, IA, in 2007. Her nine closest dams are Very Good or Excellent.


Den-Kel Governor Sarah-P
Pedigree | Larger Photo
Owned by Eric Rudgers, Attica, NY

This fancy, powerful "Governor" daughter is backed by six Very Good or Excellent dams with high production. We purchased her dam, Cutting Edge Kaptain Sue-P, VG-88%, from Elite Dairy, Copake, NY, in 2006.


Marv Du Blackstone Easter-ET
Pedigree | Larger Photo
2-2 305 16,360 5.5% 906 4.0% 662

We purchased "Easter" from Marvin Duggan, ID, at the National Heifer Sale in 2010. She calved in late June with a heifer calf by "Zuma."


Marhaven Alf Kelly-ET
Pedigree | Larger Photo
5-2 305 20,300 4.2% 852 3.6% 730

The "Kelly" family is one of our oldest and deepest cow families. We purchased this matriarch from Matt Boyce and Family, Alliance, OH, in 1996. She gave us five daughters - all Very Good with records over 17,900M. "Kelly" has five maternal brothers in A.I. and a son, Den-Kel Choice Keeper-P, at Select Sires.


Kelly's Daughter
Den-Kel Hallmark Kippity-ET

Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-3 303 24,190 5.1% 1,227 3.7% 888

"Kippity" is developing along the same lines as her dam. She is one of our top producers, with five lactations - four of them over 20,000M.

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