The Milady cow family was established by Den-Kel Jerseys in January 1998 with the purchase of Dutch Hollow Barber Milady-P-ET from Dutch Hollow Farms in Schodack Landing, NY. She is from one of the breed's most prolific cow families, with many bulls in A.I. and females leading a variety of performance lists.

Den-Kel Jerseys has merchandised several members of the family in recent years and is further developing this tremendous line of cows.



Dutch Hollow Barber Milady-P-ET
Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-0 305 26,030 4.6% 1,199 3.6% 929

"Milady" has five sons in A.I. - Den-Kel Paramount Mygent-P-ET and Den-Kel Exceed Myway-P-ET at ABS Global; Den-Kel Fanclub Magnet-P-ET at Select Sires; Den-Kel Heino Magna-P-ET at Genex/CRI; and Den-Kel Heino Maxxum-P-ET at Alta Genetics.

She has four appraised daughters - all are Very Good or Excellent with records over 18,000M.


Milady's Dam
Dutch Hollow S Joe Mistress-P
Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-7 305 21,200 4.2% 890 3.6% 766

This leading lady has 22 daughters and a son in A.I. "Mistress" has two maternal brothers in A.I. and an E-91% maternal sister, Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P-ET, with 20,870M, 1,057F and 744P at 9-11.


Full Sisters out of Milady
Den-Kel Exceed Mylove-P-ET (left)
Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-3 290 27,150 4.7% 1,269 3.6% 983

This milk wagon has five completed lactations - four of them over 22,000M, 1,100F and 820P. She is the dam of Den-Kel Jace Lovabull-P at Genex/CRI and Den-Kel Montie-P-ET at the Semex Alliance.

Den-Kel Exceed Mygirl-P-ET (right)
2-10 305 23,390 5.7% 1,328 4.0% 937

"Mygirl" has six sons in A.I., including Den-Kel Hallmark Myboy-P, Den-Kel Futurity Mai Tai-ET, Den-Kel Futurity Moxy-ET, Den-Kel Action Moe-P-ET, Den-Kel Empire-P-ET and Den-Kel Excelsior-P-ET.


Another Milady Daughter
Den-Kel My Heineken-ET
Pedigree | Larger Photo
1-11 305 21,950 4.9% 1,079 3.5% 769

Her son, Den-Kel Nut Brown-ET, is at the Semex Alliance.


Mylove's Daughter
Den-Kel Hank My Lovely-P-ET

Pedigree | Larger Photo
5-7 298 23,060 4.8% 1,110 3.7% 850

"My Lovely" has four daughters in the herd - three naturally polled.


Mygirl's Granddaughter
Den-Kel Militia Muffalupagus-P

Pedigree | Larger Photo
4-0 305 23,210 4.9% 1,134 3.7% 865
Honor Roll Record with 3,078C (ME)


Mygirl's Granddaughter
Den-Kel TBone Emily

Pedigree | Larger Photo
3-2 305 14,2 5.0% 681 3.5% 453
Owned by Bonnie Shuknecht, Elba, NY

"Emily" is out of a VG-82% "Action" daughter with 23,440M, 1,117F and 783P at 4-10. She was purchased by Bonnie Shuknecht at the Cow Power Sale in 2012.

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