Jim Quist, Fresno

Vice President
Stan Henderson, Paso Robles

Cathy Sanders, Hilmar

Nancy Miguel, Denair

Brett Barlass, Hilmar
Dan Casale, Denair
Richard Clauss, Hilmar
Matt Evangelo, Hanford
Blake Renner, Fortuna
C.A. Russell, Hilmar
Mike Wickstrom, Hilmar
Scott Wickstrom, Hilmar
Adam VanExel, Lodi



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Jersey Breeders

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Donald Sherman
2011 AJCA Distinguished Service Award

Donald and Elsa Sherman
2010 AJCA Master Breeder

Ahlem Farms Partnership
and Ed Fisher
2009 AJCA Master Breeder

Ahlem Farms Partnership
2015 National Dairy Shrine Distinguished Cattle Breeder

Hank Van Exel
2015 World Dairy Expo Dairyman of the Year



California has been the leading milk-producing state since it overtook Wisconsin as the largest producer of fluid milk in 1993. The Golden State also ranks first in the production of butter, ice cream and nonfat dry milk and second in the manufacture of cheese.

Dairy is the state's top agriculture business, with 440,000-plus jobs and annual gross receipts of $47 billion. About 70% of the state's milk is produced on dairies in five counties in the Central Valley, including Tulare, Merced, Stanislaus, Kings and Kern counties.

Jerseys are ideal for producing milk and cheese in California, which has minimum component standards that exceed national standards (8.75% solids-not-fat and 3.5% fat for whole fluid milk versus national minimums of 8.25% solids-not-fat and 3.25% fat) and uses 47% of its milk in the creation of cheese.

California dairies are among the largest in the country. As is common in the U.S., nearly all are family-owned and many are passed from generation to generation.

California is home to the largest single-site cheese plant in the world, Hilmar Cheese, headquartered in Merced County. The company was established by a group of Jersey breeders in 1984 and recently expanded its cheese-making capacity by building a new plant in Dalhart, Texas. Combined, the two plants produce 1.9 million pounds of cheese every day using milk from many of the Registered Jersey dairies in the region.

Registered Jersey Facts

California leads the nation in number of animals registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA), with 39,391 registrations in 2014. The state also is tops for number of cows appraised (nearly 31,000) and dollars contributed to Project Equity (nearly $230,000).

Fifty-six herds from California are enrolled on REAP, with an average herd size just over 800 cows.

California bred and owned Sunwest Mor Carrier Miss 100000 was the 100,000th Jersey to be registered with double-matching JerseyTags. She and her owners, Brock, Jonas and Will Tate of Sunwest Jersey Dairy in Hilmar, were featured
on the cover of the May 2009
Jersey Journal. CLICK HERE for details.

The state dominates the rankings of the breed's high-producing herds. Four Hilmar herds rank among the top herds in the country for milk, fat and protein production. James Ahlem ranks third for milk, fourth for protein and 10th for fat with a 2014 lactation average of 24,914M, 1,159F and 871P on 2,179 cows. Red Top Jerseys ranks sixth for milk and eigth for protein with 23,813M, 1,069F and 858P on 3,759 cows. Jade Dairy ranks eigth for milk with 23,459M, 1,153F and 843P on 517 cows. And Charles Ahlem ranks 10th for milk with 23,346M, 1,112F and 841P on 2,804 cows.

Two other California herds also rank on the list of high-producing herds. Four J Jerseys of Tipton ranks fourth for milk and sixth for protein with 24,395M, 1,137F and 867P on 232 cows. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, ranks ninth for milk with 23,428M, 1,131F and 806P on 85 cows.

A number of California cows also earned laurels in the 2014 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest. Ahlem American Rosanna 1268, owned by William Ahlem Jr., Hilmar, placed third for protein, seventh for milk and ninth for fat with 264,181M, 11,950F and 9,733P in 3,355 days. GR Jer-Z-Boyz Lemvig 8853, owned by Jer-Z-Boyz, Pixley, placed fourth for milk, sixth for protein and seventh for fat with 275,025M, 12,145F and 9,640P in 4,095 days. Her herdmate, GR Jer-Z-Boyz Mecca, ranked 10th for fat with 235,880M, 11,723F and 8,304P in 3,385 days. Yosemite Elgin B9402, owned by Yosemite Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, placed 10th for protein with 235,420M, 10,375F and 8,529P in 3,456 days.

California Leadership

The state has been on the leadership and community service forefront for many years. Three Jersey breeders have served the national Jersey organizations as president of National All-Jersey (NAJ) Inc. and three have presided over the AJCA.

California Jersey breeders have also earned national recognition. Ten have been presented with the prestigious Master Breeder award from the AJCA, more than any other state.

Ahlem Farms Partnership earned the National Dairy Shrine's Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder Award in 2015. Pictured are herd owners, Roger and Teresa Herrera, Carolyn and Bill Ahlem and Lindsay and Sabino Herrera-Ahlem. Hank Van Exel received the Dairyman of the Year award from World Dairy Expo in 2015.
Donnie and Elsa Sherman
Cari Wolfe, left, presents the AJCA Distinguished Service Award to the late Donnie
Sherman and his wife, Elsa, in 2010.
Vance Ahlem, with his wife, Ashley, and their children, Yale and Brooklyn, were honored with the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Award in 2011. Grant Ahlem, pictured with his wife, Melissa, and their children, Jacob and Reese, received an AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Award in 2010.

Six California breeders received the national Jersey organization's Distinguished Service Award and one garnered the newest national award - the Award for Meritorious Service.

In the past 35 years, 17 California breeders have received the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder. Included in this group is Paul Bianchi of Valley Ford, who was recognized with the inaugural award in 1976 and Vance Ahlem of Hilmar, who received the honor in 2011.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of national award winners and AJCA and NAJ presidents from California.

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