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CJCA Annual Meeting   Make plans now to attend the annual meeting on February 11, 2017, at the Hilmar Cheese Company. More details will be posted shortly.

Newsletter and contest Deadlines for juniors


Our new November 2016 newsletter is now available. CLICK HERE to view the newsletter as a PDF document.

As well, please note that February 1, 2017, is the deadline for several youth awards, including the achievement contest, production contest and queen contest, and for scholarship awards. CLICK HERE to download applications from our website. Applications (and directions for submission) are in the orange menu on the bottom left.

Congratulations   To the two Hilmar Jersey breeders who were selected as winners of two of the national Jersey organizations' most prestigious awards. Charles D. Ahlem was named winner of the AJCA-NAJ Distinguished Service Award. Richard H. Clauss was chosen for the AJCA-NAJ Award for Meritorious Service. Both will be recognized at the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings in California this summer.

Production Laurels

California is home to many of the nation's top herds for milk, fat and protein production. A hearty congratulations is extended to the following dairies for their production achievements in 2015:

Overall National Rankings. . .

James Ahlem, Hilmar : 2nd in the nation for milk, 6th for fat and 3rd for protein with a lactation average of 26,297M, 1,232F and 910P on 2,305 cows (also 1st for milk, fat and protein among herds with 750 or more cows).
Cal Poly Corporation, San Luis Obispo: 6th for milk with 24,064M, 1,122F and 822P on 103 cows (also 1st milk and fat and 6th protein among herds with 80-149 cows).

Ranked by Herd Size. . .
(750 or more cows)
Ahlem Foothill Farms, Denair:
4th milk, 3rd fat and 4th protein;
Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar:
2nd fat and 5th milk and protein;
Red Top Jerseys, Hilmar: 7th milk and protein;
Charles Ahlem, Hilmar: 8th milk and 9th fat and protein;
Bamboo Jerseys, Hilmar: 9th milk, 8th fat and 10th protein;
Ahlem Farms Jerseys, Hilmar : 10th milk and 8th protein;
Sunwest Jersey Dairy, Hilmar: 9th milk and 10th fat;
Brentwood Farms, Orland: 10th milk and 8th protein;

(300-749 cows)
Wickstrom Brothers, Hilmar: 2nd milk and protein and 7th fat;
Jade Dairy, Hilmar:
3rd milk and 2nd fat and protein;
Four J Jerseys, Tipton: 5th milk, 10th fat and 7th protein;
Twin Star Dairy, Turlock:
7th milk, 3rd fat and 6th protein;
Live Oak Dairy, Hilmar:
9th milk;

(150-299 cows)
Hank and Carolyn Van Exel, Lodi: 3rd milk, 6th fat and 4th protein.

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