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The 2003 Show Season
We are especially proud to have exhibited the first-place four-year-old and Overall Performance Winner of the All American Junior Jersey Show, JEMI Madam Pitino. "Madam" was in the spotlight a few others times during the year as well, including being named Reserve Grand Champion of the North Carolina State Fair.

Other notable honors include...


JEMI Madam Pitino
1st 4-year-old, Georgia National Junior Show
1st 4-year-old, Georgia National
Reserve Grand Champion, NC State Fair
2nd 4-year-old and Production Award, NC State Fair
1st 4-year-old and Overall Premier Performance Award,
All American Junior Show
3rd 4-year-old and Premier Performance Award, All American
Berrys Lester Diamond-ET
2nd 4-year-old, Georgia National
BRJ Barber Select Lulu
Reserve Grand Champion, Georgia National Junior Show
1st Junior 3-year-old, Georgia National Junior Show
1st Junior 3-year-old, Georgia National
2nd 3-year-old, Clemson Spring Show
BRJ Barber Sooner Flirt-ET
2nd Aged Cow, NC State Fair
Crackerjack Berry Nitro Kyte
1st Dry Cow, NC State Fair
2nd 3-year-old, SC State Fair
DeMents BB Laci
Reserve Grand Champion, SC State Fair
1st Aged Cow and Production Award, SC State Fair
Hallmark Fantasia of WF/L&M
2nd Senior 2-year-old, Georgia National
TC Barber 602 Bessie
1st Milking Senior Yearling, NC State Fair
BHGF Nancys Tango Nicki
1st 5-year-old, Georgia National
2nd Dry Cow, SC State Fair

BRJ Broadway MBSB Peg Z-92
1st Intermediate Heifer Calf, NC State Fair
2nd Intermediate Heifer Calf, SC State Fair

BRJ Furor Poseidon Bell 2-69
3rd Senior Heifer Calf, NC State Fair

BRJ Hallmark Select Hailey
1st Uncalved Junior 2-year-old, Georgia National

BRJ Pitino Carmel
1st Senior 3-year-old, Georgia National

BRJ Signal Lester Jiff P51
2nd Senior Yearling, Georgia National

Butterfield Denim Pelma
1st Junior 2-year-old, SC State Fair
5th Junior 2-year-old, All American

SC Golddust Tkick Idea 2-24-ET
1st Summer Yearling, SC State Fair

SHF Touch Gold Fashion
5th Junior Yearling, All American

Williams Impressive Indigo-ET
2nd Intermediate Yearling, Georgia National


  Premier Exhibitor, Georgia National
1st Produce of Dam, Georgia National

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