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TP Acres B Sooner Mandy Flirt

TP Acres B Sooner Mandy Flirt
7-5  305  22,120  4.0%  889  3.5%  774  DHIR  2,429C
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"Mandy Flirt" does it all. She's been champion of every show in the Southeast and supreme champion more than once. She's also stood fifth in the tremendous aged cow class at the 1998 All American Jersey Show. She's now milking in her eighth lactation and has over 138,000 pounds milk lifetime.

Following in her footsteps are one Excellent and five Very Good daughters, all making solid records.

"Mandy Flirt's" granddaughter, TC Pitino 62 Flirt, topped the Bush River Jerseys and Treasure Chest Combination II Sale in 2001.


Her Daughters:

BRJ Barber Sooner Flirt

BRJ Barber Sooner Flirt-ET
3-1  305  21,630  5.2%  1,115  3.5%  767  99DCR  2,492C
2nd Aged Cow, NC State Fair, 2002
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Production, type . . . and featured on the cover of the March 10, 2001, issue of Hoard's Dairyman as Cow A in the judging contest. Like her dam and sister, "Barber Flirt" is a herd builder.

She has a Very Good-85% daughter by Altheas Les Pitino Al-Top-ET, with more than 19,000 pounds milk.


BRJ Lester Sooner Flirt

BRJ Lester Sooner Flirt
Very Good-87%

3-2  305  18,540  4.5%  843  3.5%  652  99DCR  2,251C
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