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Udder of Lester TB Janette C-ET

Lester TB Janette C-ET

6-2  305  22,990  4.4%  1,004  3.5%  815  DHIR  2,649C
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Let's start talking about this cow and her great family at the business end.  "Janette C" has over 110,000 pounds milk lifetime to date, and is working on her fifth lactation.

Her "Berretta" daughter, BRJ Berretta Lester Janette Four-ET, sold in the first Bush River Jerseys and Treasure Chest Combination sale to Yosemite Dairy, Hilmar, CA. She's now Very Good-86% with two 20,000-pound milk records.

Another "Berretta" daughter is also Very Good-85%, with more than 17,000 pounds milk.

"Janette C"

"Janette C" is one of four Excellent full sisters with records over 18,000 pounds milk and/or 800 pounds fat. Their "Top Brass" dam was bred at Biltmore Farms and came to Bush River through the Dixie Classic Sale.


Her Maternal Sister's Daughter:

BRJ L Dee Lester Janette

BRJ L Dee Lester Janette

5-6 305 16,540 5.2% 852 3.7% 614  100DCR  2,124C
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Her dam is Lester TB Janette F-ET, a full sister to Janette C. She is
Excellent with 5-1  305  17,710  5.0%  894  3.9%  690.