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Daughters of these Great Cows
Owned by the Gold Dust Syndicate

Williams Impressive Idea-ET

Williams Impressive Idea-ET
3-5  305  20,096  4.7%  950  3.6%  715  90DCR  2,472C
Reserve Intermediate Champion, All American Jersey Show, 2000
Owned by Peter Vail and Ken Beneke, Millerton, NY
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"Idea" is a "Barber" daughter of C Tops Impressive, Excellent-95%, with two 30,000-pound milk and three 1,200-pound fat records. The next three dams are Excellent or Very Good.

The Gold Dust Syndicate is proud to own two of her young daughters, sired by "Paramount" and "Topkick."

As well, the Gold Dust Syndicate and Lauren Black purchased "Idea's" maternal sister, Williams Impressive Indigo-ET, from Kevin and Darlene Williams at the 2002 Buckeye Classic Sale. She's earned a spot in the show line-up, placing second as an intermediate yearling at the Georgia National and the Clemson Spring Show in 2003. Watch for more exciting news from this fancy P9 heifer, sired by "Perimiter."

"Idea" has one Rock Ella Paramount son at Semex Alliance and another at ABS Global. She also has a Giprat Belles Connection-ET son at Select Sires.


Gen Boomer Hilda

Gen Boomer Hilda
5-3  365  32,492  4.5%  1,497  3.7%  1,189
Supreme Champion, South Carolina State Fair, 1999
Owned by Purple and Gold Syndicate
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"Hilda" is backed by four Very Good dams with solid production. We are pleased to have two fancy young daughters from "Hilda," sired by H&B Alf Paragon-ET and Golden Boy of Ferreira.

Thank you to Faria Dairy, Lovington, NM, for purchasing her "Pitino" daughter from the Bush River Jerseys and Treasure Chest Combination Sale IV. She is now Very Good-86% with a 17,800-pound milk m.e.