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In 1972, after 35 years of practicing veterinary medicine in North Adams, Massachusetts, Doc and Briggs Cunningham formed the partnership that created Bush River Jerseys. A year later, Doc purchased Briggs Cunningham's interest and became its sole owner. Doc has never wavered from his philosophy that high milk yield and functional type are the primary requirements for profitable dairying with Registered Jerseys.
  • 2010 AJCA Lactation Average on 345 Lactations: 17,973M  843F  642P 2,185CY
  • In the Herd Today: 40 Excellents and 220 Very Goods
  • Average Appraisal: 81.6% (March 2011)
  • Highest Appraised Cows: SAR Andre, E-95%; Ahlem Legion Bambi 4265, SAR Chairman Tiger Lily and SAR Sambo Fairie are E-94%.

All animals are bred A.I. to the top genetics available. The goal? Profitable production levels, while maintaining proper teat placement, correct feet and legs and improved rear udders.

Bush River Jerseys are milked twice daily in a parlor
that uses the newest milking technologies.

The milking herd at Bush River Jerseys,
comfortable in their new home.

Cow comfort and stress reduction are paramount at Bush River. The herd is milked in a state-of-the-art, 24-stall rotary parlor. Cows are housed in a recently built freestall barn. 

The milking herd is fed a total mixed ration twice (TMR) daily. Cows have free-choice access to hay, salt, bicarbonates, liquid feed and a trickle magnetic feeder. The TMR utilizes various commodities, depending on price and the quality of home-raised forages.

A typical ration includes a custom 18% dairy meal, soy hulls, citrus pulp, maltlage, whole cottonseed and at least one of the following forages: corn silage, small grain silage, sorghum or tropical corn silage. Hay crops include brown top millet, oats and alfalfa.

Heifers are raised on pasture, hay and silage. They always have access to liquid feed.

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The Registered Jersey herd is fed a total mixed ration twice a day. Cows are milked twice a day in a state-of-the-art rotary parlor. One of the 400 cows that produce delicious, nutritious milk at Bush River Jerseys.