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All American Bound
  Look for our consignments heading to Louisville...
Selling in the All American (November 6)
Avi-Lanche Hector Nevi 15385 {6}-ET (Lot 4)
Pedigree | Online Catalog
Ranks 126th for GJPI at +205. AI interest from five organizations.
Selling in the Pot O'Gold (November 5)
D&E Harris Violet 16197 {5}-ET (Lot 6P)
Pedigree | Online Catalog
Ranks 76th for GJPI at +210. AI interest from five organizations.
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Look for our monthly advertisements on the back cover of every issue of the Jersey Journal for information on some of the most special cows at D&E Jerseys and Avi-Lanche Jerseys!

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Production Achievements   We are proud of the milking string at D&E Jerseys and Avi-Lanche Jerseys. The 2015 AJCA lactation for the Avi-Lanche herd (23,261M, 1,091F and 838P on 2,122 cows) ranks sixth in the nation for milk, fat and protein among herds with 750 or more cows.  

Genetic Evaluations
August and October 2016

The combined D&E Jerseys and Avi-Lanch Jerseys herds rank among the top 50 herds in the nation with a herd average JPI of +62 on 2,153 cows. Fifty-one percent of the cows are genotyped.

Several members of the milking string rank among the breed's top 1.5% for JPI or Genomic JPI. Click here for a complete listing of cows. Click here for our top heifers.

Among active A.I. sires, D&E Celebrity Value is ranked #20 with a GJPI of +171 (8/16). D&E Paul-ET has a GJPI of +101.

Two bulls rank on the list of current G-code bulls: D&E Critic Vern-P-ET (GJPI +159) and D&E Van Foeken-ET (GJPI +159).


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