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Heading to Louisville in November

Look for these top-notch consignments


Selling in the Pot O'Gold Sale on November 5:
JX Avi-Lanche Campeone Jo 18078 {4}-ET
GPTA +6.6PL, +141 GJPI


Two head sell in the All American on November 4:

JX Sid J Eusebio Lucent 16883 {5}
GPTA +1366M, +52F, +46P, +7.0PL, +159 GJPI

JX Avi-Lanche Prop Joe Devine 17627 {4}
GPTA +770M, +69F, +35P, +2.3 Type, +178 GJPI

Click here to view details in our October Jersey Journal ad.
Production Achievements   We are proud of the milking string at D&E Jerseys and Avi-Lanche Jerseys. The herd ranks fifth in the nation for milk, ninth for fat and seventh for protein among herds with 750 or more cows with a 2016 AJCA lactation average of 22,468M, 1,061F and 811P on 2,852 cows.  

Genetic Evaluations
April and July 2017

The combined D&E Jerseys and Avi-Lanch Jerseys herd ranks #41 in the nation for genetic merit with a herd average JPI of +56 on 1,969 cows (April 2017). Fifty-seven percent of the cows are genotyped.

Several members of the milking string rank among the breed's top 1.5% for JPI or Genomic JPI. Click here for a complete listing of cows. Click here for our top heifers.


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