Thanks to Jersey reproductive efficiency and effective herd management, the Ahlem Farms Partnership has hosted three production sales in recent years. The most recent sale held on April 4, 2012, auctioned 333 lots for an average of $1,888.74 and gross receipts of $628,950.

As with the previous sales, this year's event featured some of the best females from the Ahlem herd. The high seller, Ahlem Celebrity Maid 34645-ET, sold for $6,100 to Robert and Victor Fanelli and Guell Animal Breeding, Hilmar, CA.

For a complete report on the sale, click here to view an article published in the June issue of the Jersey Journal.


Candids from 2012 Sale
Bill Ahlem, center, and his wife, Carolyn, and son, Sabino, far right, welcomed Jersey breeders and friends to the sale. Bill also took the opportunity to thank Mr. Ed Fisher, left, for his hand in helping the farm reach its high level of production and genetic merit. Milking cows comprised the bulk of the offering - 295 lots - and sold for an average of $1,891.53. Thirty-eight bred heifers in their third trimester sold for an average of $1,867.11.
Brad Nyman, back second left, herd manager for Clauss Dairy Farm, represented the volume buyer of the day, CDFD-Hartley, the partnership of Clauss Dairy Farm and Yosmite Jersey Farm in their new Hartley, TX, location. Also pictured are Jason Robinson, JMS manager, front left, and Neal Smith, AJCA Executive Secretary, front right. Bill Ahlem is pictured with Sabino Ahlem-Herrera, back left, and another son, Roger, and his children, Adam and Camille. Cheese is what Hilmar is all about! Part of the spread for those attending the sale included delicious Jersey cheese and California wine.

Sold in the 2012 Sale
Ahlem TBone Gem 34112-ET
GPTA +805M, +44F, +31P, GJPI +155 (6/12)
18,627 - 933 - 714 at 1-10
Ranked among top 1.4% for GJPI
Purchased by Robert and Victor Fanelli and Guell Animal Breeding, Hilmar, CA, for $2,500
Ahlem TBone Gem 34078
GPTA +447M, +50F, +27P, GJPI +155 (6/12)
18,719 - 906 - 716 ME at 1-9
Ranked among top 1.5% for GJPI
Purchased by Benjamin A. Blatchford, Owensville, MO, for $3,100
Ahlem Iatola Rosette 33362-ET
19,182 - 946 - 675 ME at 1-11
Purchased by Rancho Teresita Dairy, Turlock, CA, for $2,300
Ahlem Ace Ruth 34004
GPTA +648M, +35F, +20P, GJPI +137 (6/12)
21,503 - 1,003 - 769 ME at 1-9
Purchased by Brent VanVooran and Steven Robles for $2,250

Sale Highlights

Ahlem Farms Sale III
April 4, 2012
Average: $1,888.74 on 333 lots
Gross: $628,950
High Seller: Ahlem Celebrity Maid 34645-ET at $6,100 (purchased by Robert and Victor Fanelli
and Guell Animal Breeding, Hilmar, CA)
Second High Seller: Ahlem Action Mayday 32070 at $5,500 (purchased by Yosemite
Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, CA)
Second high-grossing sale of 2012

Click here for a complete report.

Ahlem Farms Sale II
November 16, 2007
Average: $2,940.60 on 351 lots
Gross: $1,032,150
Co-High Sellers: Ahlem Chairman Mayday 4950 at $8,000 (purchased by Buster Goff, Hobbs, NM) and Ahlem Golden Boy Ruth 4316 (purchased by Craig Rhein, Pine Grove, PA)
Second High Seller: Ahlem Legion Charm 4896 at $5,000 (purchased by Jim Albers, Dalhart, TX)
First single-day sale in breed history to gross over $1 million and high-grossing sale of 2007

Click here for a complete report.

Ahlem Farms Jersey Sale
March 25, 2006
Average: $2,930.61 on 196 lots
Gross: $574,400
High Seller: Ahlem Hallmark Pansy 2024 at $6,500 (purchased by Brentwood Farms, Orland, CA)
Second High Seller: Ahlem Legion Bunny 3853 at $5,700 (purchased by Goff Dairy, Hobbs, NM)
Third high-grossing and eighth high-averaging sale of 2006


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