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look for our consignments In Louisville

To be syndicated in the All American on November 5:

Ahlem Bancroft Chicago 23929
Generation Count and JX Free
Chicago combines our Buttons family on the top side of his pedigree and the Charm family on the bottom side.

Click here for more details in our Jersey Journal ad. Click here for details on both cow families on our website.

  Selling in the All American on November 5:
Ahlem Bancroft Harmony 50863
GPTA +1150M, +53F, +43P, +1.0 Type, +190 GJPI

Selling in the Pot O'Gold Sale on November 4:
Ahlem Torpedo Princess 49413-ET
From our Princess family. Click here for more details on our website.

    Click here for more details on both female consignments in our Jersey Journal ad


A hearty congrats is extended to Cassie Bohnert, East Moline, IL, for placing second in the 2017 Pot O'Gold Production Contest with Ahlem Fastrack Princess 43508-ET, whom she purchased in the sale in 2014.

Also, congratulations to our own Camille Herrera, who placed 7th in the contest with her purchase, JX Buttercrest Clark Goblet {4}.


Production Laurels

We are proud of the members of the herd that placed in the 2016 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest. Ahlem Country Princess 15678 placed 7th for milk and protein and 10th for fat with 250,207M, 10,761F and 8,822P in 3,251 days. Mor Clover 15090 of Ahlem placed 10th for milk with 241,102M, 9,564F and 8,073P in 3,073 days.

Another matriarch, Ahlem Legion Gem 15561, placed 12th for milk with 238,571M, 10,357F and 7,944P in 2,975 days.


Recent Jersey
Journal Ads

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Genetic Evaluations

August and September 2017

With the latest genetic evaluations, Ahlem Farms Partnership ranks #23 in the nation for JPI with an average index of +64 on 3,392 cows. Ahlem Farms Vista and Ahlem Farms Jerseys also rank among the top 25% with respective JPI averages of +53 on 2,683 cows and +50 on 1,489 cows.

Numerous members of the milking string rank among the best for GJPI or traditional JPI. Click here to see all of our leading genetic ladies.



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Ahlem Farms Partnership
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