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look for our consignment in gettysburg

Selling in the National Heifer Sale on June 24:

Ahlem Kwynn Paula 49791 (lot 21)
Pedigree | Online Catalog
Ranks on the Top 300 JPI Heifer List and sells with A.I. interest expressed by ABS Global, Alta and Genex.


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  October: Profitable Pedigrees (All American and Pot O'Gold Consignments)
September: Congratulations McCalister Russell
August: Thanks to Sexing Technologies and River Valley Farm


Genetic Evaluations

August and October 2016

With the latest genetic evaluations, Ahlem Farms Partnership ranks #32 in the nation for JPI with an average index of +65 on 3,515 cows. Ahlem Farms Vista and Ahlem Farms Jerseys also rank among the top 25% with respective JPI averages of +50 on 1,649 cows and +55 on 2,853 cows.

Numerous members of the milking string rank among the best for GJPI or traditional JPI. Click here to see all of our leading genetic ladies.


We were honored to receive National Dairy Shrine's Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder award for 2015. CLICK HERE to learn more about the award and our dairy.

Legal Daughters

Several of our second-crop "Legal" daughters were featured on the cover of ABS' Jersey Brown Book (Fall 2013) and in the organization's February ad in the Jersey Journal. Click here to see some of our top "Legal" daughters featured on our website. Photo courtesy ABS Global.


Click here for archived news.

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Ahlem Farms Partnership
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